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Updated: August 11, 2022

Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Know the Qualification Rules (EBR-50)

The federal government offers the option of Public Service Loan Forgiveness to ease the burden of student loan payments. This is a program designed to provide an incentive to attract job seekers to employment in the much needed non-profit and government sectors. Those who qualify for PSLF can have their student debt balance paid in full by the federal government. However, there are many rules to follow. Author: Dorothy Nuckols; Title: Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Know the Qualification Rules (EBR-50)
Updated: July 20, 2022

Healthy Cents

The Growing Healthy Habits Curriculum was developed by the University of Maryland Extension, Food Supplement Nutrition Education Program (FSNE) for integrating nutrition through gardening in Maryland elementary classrooms, grades K-5. This curriculum uses gardening as a tool for encouraging students to consume more fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and increase physically activity. Growing Healthy Habits provides engaging and exciting nutrition and gardening lessons that reinforce the Maryland Common Core, as well as Environmental Literacy Standards and STEM.
Updated: March 23, 2022

Budgeting 101 for College Students (FS-1194)

Budgeting for college students presents unique challenges due to variations of income and expense. Combining a cash flow budget with a yearlong monthly financial plan allows planning for the variations of income and expenses that college students experience. Author: Jesse M. Ketterman, Ph.D.; Title: Budgeting 101 for College Students (FS-1194)
Updated: January 26, 2021

Paying for Healthcare or Daycare? Flexible Spending Accounts Can Help!

A flexible spending account is a great, tax-advantaged tool that can help you save for health and dependent care expenses. This fact sheet provides a template to estimate the amount of money to set aside when establishing a flexible spending account. Information about establishing and using a flexible spending account is also contained.