Team Building

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Updated: April 6, 2022

A Tenure Track Cohort Case Study (FS-1103)

A recent innovation in faculty retention has been to encourage tenure-track faculty who will be going up for tenure together to form a cohort that will work together throughout the tenure process. This cohort serves as a support network and a professional community of practice. The 2021 Cohort of University of Maryland Extension and authors of this brief found that the initiation of the cohort and the dedication and commitment of the cohort members are both necessary to make the cohort model a success. This fact sheet documents the group's plan of action through year 1, provides lessons learned and helpful hints and a highlight for year 2. It is intended to help future tenure track cohorts navigate a similar path and perhaps lessen the stress along the way. Authors: Jamie Morris, Neith Little, Alexander Chan, Andrew Kness, and Jesse Ketterman. Title: A Tenure Track Cohort Case Study (FS-1103)