Farm Insurance

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Updated: July 22, 2022

Understanding Agricultural Liability: Premise's Liability (FS-1001)

You can take steps to limit your potential liability by understanding your legal obligation or duty to protect visitors and other third parties from foreseeable harm. You also will need to know to whom you owe the duty and what duty others may owe to you. Steps you can take to limit your liability include obtaining insurance, procuring releases, and providing warnings. You should work with a licensed attorney in your area and your insurance agent to identify the tools that will work best for you. Author: Paul Goeringer; Title: Understanding Agricultural Liability: Premise's Liability (FS-1001)
Updated: May 17, 2022

Estate Planning for Farm Families (FS-972)

In 2014, the Maryland General Assembly recoupled the state estate tax exemption with the federal estate tax exemption. Recoupling is tying Maryland’s state estate tax exemption back to the federal estate tax exemption something that has not happened since 2001. Over the next 5 years, Maryland’s estate tax exemption will be gradually increased in 2015 and each year after until the state’s exemption is equal to the federal exemption in 2019. This will have ramifications on existing estate plans in the state. To aid Maryland residents understand this change and the estate planning process, Lori Lynch and I worked to update the Estate Planning For Maryland Farm Families fact sheet. This publication was originally developed by Lori and Wes Musser and provides a general overview of many of the tools utilized in estate planning and discusses potential tax implications that you should be aware of. Authors: Paul Goeringer, Lori Lynch, and Wesley Musser; Title: Estate Planning for Farm Families (FS-972)