Stink Bug
Updated: February 8, 2024
By Dr. Joseph Fiola

2024 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers

This guide contains information on pesticides used in orchards, with a seasonal treatment of when and how these materials should be employed. Efficacy information toward major fruit pests as well as beneficial species is included.

Authored by Douglas G. Pfeiffer, Entomology, Virginia Tech; Kevin B. Rice, Alson H. Smith AREC, Virginia Tech; James B. Wilson, Entomology, Virginia Tech; Carlos Quesada, Entomology, West Virginia University; Cerruti R. R. Hooks, Entomology, University of Maryland; Sherif Sherif, Alson H. Smith AREC, Virginia Tech; Srdjan Acimovic, Alson H. Smith AREC, Virginia Tech; Mahfuz Rahman, Plant Pathology, West Virginia University; James B. Kotcon, Plant and Soil Sciences, West Virginia University; James F. Derr, Hampton Roads AREC, Virginia Tech; Rakesh S. Chandran, Plant and Soil Sciences, West Virginia Univeristy; Daniel L. Frank, Entomology, Virginia Tech; James Parkhurst, Fish and Wildlife, Virginia Tech

The guide is black and white, with a color photograph for the cover. It is spiral bound. 189 pages.

This publication is available in a PDF Format.

The spiral-bound copy is available for purchase at For more information, contact

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Spray Program for Multi-Tree Fruit Orchards

Multi-Tree Fruit Orchard Spray Program for the control of major tree fruit (Pomes: apples, pears; Stones: peaches, plums, nectarines and cherries) pest and diseases. R. David Myers, University of Maryland Extension.

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A Return of the San Jose Scale

Educational Article on San Jose Scale. Stanton Gill, Extension Specialist in Nursery and Greenhouse IPM, Central Maryland Research and Education Center, University of Maryland Extension, and professor with the the Landscape Technology Program, Montgomery College

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Spray Record Keeping Spreadsheet

The 2019 edition (v6.0) of the pesticide spray record-keeping spreadsheet contains an updated database of spray products for apples and peaches and has revised the list of spray compounds for these two fruit crops to merge the pesticide and herbicide products into a single list. The database of products for cherry and pear remain the same as in the 2018 edition.

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BMSB Insecticides

Access the full list of effective insecticides for use in crop production against the brown marmorated stinkbug (BMSB).

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IPM Pocket Guides

Order forms for the Pocket Guides for IPM Scouting in Michigan Apples, and in Stone Fruits. Both guides produced by David Epstein and Larry Gut, Michigan State University Extension.

Michigan Apples

Stone Fruits

Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines

Fungicide Resistance Management Guidelines for Apple Scab, Powdery Mildew, Brown Rot, and Peach Scab Control in the Mid-Atlantic United States
By Alan R. Biggs, West Virginia University and Kari Peter, Penn State University

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Maryland Fruit and Vegatable Blog

Provides readers with current information on fruits and vegetables, disease and pest updates, and much more.

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