Updated: February 8, 2024
By R. David Myers

Spray Program for Multi-Tree Fruit Orchards

Many local orchards are composed of multi-fruit combinations producing for fresh market apples, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, and cherries. Aggressive fruit tree spray programs are required to achieve high-quality fruit. These multi-fruit orchards create many spray management challenges for the achievement of good pest control in accordance with label guidelines. Therefore, the following multi-fruit orchard spray program for the control of major tree fruit pests and diseases may offer some assistance:

Labeled as noted in 2024 for All Tree Fruit

  • Pomes: Apples & Pears
  • Stones: Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, and Cherries.

80 WDG [M4]

3-5.0 lbs General Protectant Not Labeled for Pears; Reduce Rates for Cherries
Dormant Oil [NC] 4.0 gal Apply Temp 35-85° degrees F  
Kocide® DF [M1] 6.0 lbs Other Fixed Coppers Stones: Dormant Spray Only
Rally® 40W [3] 4.0 ozs Powdery Mildew  
Sulfur 95W [M2] 3.0 lbs General Protectant  
Gem® 500 SC [11] 3.0 ozs Brown Rot, Peach Scab Stones Only, or--
Adamant® 50 WG [3/11] 6.0 ozs Brown Rot, Peach Scab, Powdery Mildew Stones Except Plums
Pristine® [7/11] or 14.5 ozs Brown Rot, Powdery Mildew, Scab, Rusts and Fruit Spots Limited to 4 Sprays/Season with Only 2 Consecutively, 
Indar® 2F [3] 6.0 ozs Powdery Mildew and Rusts  
Topsin-M® 70W [1] 8.0 ozs General Protectant  
Ziram 76DF [M3] 5.0 lbs Dormant Peach Leaf Curl, General Protectant Captan Substitute for Pears
Agrimycin® 17W 24.0 ozs Fireblight Control Apples and Pears Only
Ph-D® WDG [19] 6.2 ozs Powdery Mildew and Scab Not Labeled for Stones
Imidan® 70W [1A] 2.0 lbs Curculio, SWD, Scale & Fruit Moths
Warrior® [3] 4.0 ozs Borers, Curculio, SWD, BMSB, Fruit Moths
       Or Tombstone [3] 2.0 ozs  
Besiege [3/28] 6.0 ozs Peachtree borer, SWD, Aphids, Curculio, Fruit Moths & Thrips
Actara® [4A] 4.5 ozs Aphids, Curculio
Acramite® 50WS [25] 1.0 lbs Mites Only as Required
Sevin® 50W [1A] (apple thinning agent) 4.0 lbs SWD, Japanese Beetles, Hornets, Sap Beetles

*Rate for 50-100 gal. Acre Concentrate Spray
**Be sure to follow all labels closely for PHI and REI!

Multi-Fruit Spray Calendar

March 15 - Dormant Spray

  • Dormant Oil 4.0 gal (Scales & Mites)
  • Kocide® DF 6.0 lbs

April 5 - Peach Bloom, Apple Tight Cluster

  • Captan® 80WDG 3.0 lbs

April 15 - Peach Petal Fall, Apple Bloom

  • Captan® 50W 3.0 lbs
  • Indar® 2F 6.0 ozs
  • Agrimycin® 17 W 24.0 ozs (Fireblight Control Add for Apples & Pears Only)

April 25 -Peach Shuck Split, Apple Petal Fall

  • Pristine® 14.5 ozs
  • Warrior® 4.0 ozs (Curculio)
  • Agrimycin® 17 W 24.0 ozs (Fireblight Control Add for Apples & Pears Only)

May 5 - 1st Cover Spray

  • Captan® 80WDG 4.0 lbs (Cedar Apple Rust - Higher Rates for Wetter Conditions)
  • Indar® 2F 6.0 ozs (Powdery Mildew & Rusts)
  • Actara® 4.5 ozs (Curculio & Aphids; PHI: 35- Days Pomes, 14-Days Stones)

May 15 - 2nd Cover Spray

  • Captan® 80WDG 3-4.0 lbs
  • Rally® 40W 4.0 ozs (Peach Rusty Spot Only)
  • Warrior® 4.0 ozs (Curculio; PHI 21-Days Pomes, 14-days Stones)

June 1 - 3rd Cover Spray

  • Captan® 80WDG 3-4.0 lbs
  • Topsin-M® 70W 8.0 ozs (Apple Scab Resistance Likely)
  • Imidan® 70W 2.0 lbs (Curculio, Scale & Fruit Moths; PHI: 7-Days Pomes, 14-Days Stones)
  • Acramite® 50WS 1.0 lbs (For Mites if Required PHI: 7-Days Pomes, 3-Days Stones)

June 15 - 4th Cover Spray

  • Captan® 80WDG 3-4.0 lbs
  • Sulfur 95W 3.0 lbs (0-day PHI; Stones Only)
  • Tombstone® 2.0 ozs (Borers, Curculio & Fruit Moths – 7-day PHI)

July 1 - 5th Cover Spray, Early Peach Harvest

  • Captan® 80WDG 3-4.0 lbs (0-day PHI; 1-day REI); or
  • Pristine® 14.5 ozs (Early Stones 0-day PHI; Limited to 4 Sprays/Season With Only 2 Consecutively)
  • Tombstone® 2.0 ozs (Borers, Curculio & Fruit Moths – 7-Day PHI)

July 15 - 6th Cover Spray, Peach Harvests

  • Captan® 80WDG 3-4.0 lbs (0-day PHI; 1-day REI)
  • Rally®  40W 4.0 ozs (0-day PHI, except apples 14-days)
  • Sevin® 50W 4.0 lbs (Japanese Beetle & Moths – 5-Day PHI for All Fruit)

August 1 - 7th Cover Spray, Peach Harvests

  • Captan® 80WDG 4.0 lbs (0-day PHI; 1-day REI); or
  • Pristine® 14.5 ozs (Early Pomes 0-day PHI)
  • Sevin® 50W 4.0 lbs (Japanese Beetle & Hornets – 5-Day PHI for All Fruit)

August 15 - 8th Cover Spray, Early Apple Harvest, Late Peach Harvest

  • Captan® 80WDG 4.0 lbs (0-day PHI; 1-day REI); or
  • Pristine 14.5 ozs (Pomes 0-day PHI)

Sept. 1 - 9th Cover Spray, Apples and Pears Only

  • Captan® 80WDG 4.0 lbs (0-day PHI; 1-day REI); or
  • Pristine® 14.5 ozs (Pomes 0-day PHI)
  • Sevin® 50W 4.0 lbs (Japanese Beetle & Hornets – 5-Day PHI for All Fruit)

Sept. 15 - Trunk Borer Spray

  • Besiege® 12.0 ozs (Post Harvest for Borers)
Gramoxone® [22] 1.0 qts Burndown, Directed Spray
Roundup® [9] 1.0 qts Burndown, Shielded & Directed Spray
Devrinol® 50 DF [15] 4.0 lbs Spring/Summer 35-day PHI
Princep® 4L [5] 1.0 qts Spring Dormant, Avoid High pH Soils
Solicam® [12] 2.5 lbs Spring/Fall Dormant, 1-yr Established
Goal® or Galigan® [14] 2.0 pts After Harvest to Spring Bud Swell
Chateau [14] 12.0 ozs After Harvest to Spring Bud Swell
Aim®, Shark® or Venue [14] 2.0 ozs Directed Spray, 0-3 day PHI
Matrix® [2] 4.0 oz Late Spring, 1-yr Established
Prowl® [3] or Surflan® [3] 2.0 qts Spring/Summer, Prowl 60-day PHI
Poast® [1] 1.5 pts Summer Grasses, Variable PHI
Karmex® [7] or Diuron® [7] 1.6 qts Spring/Fall Dormant, 3-yr Established

*Lowest Use Rate Recommended Initially

Organic Approach Solutions

Conventional Product Organic Certified Product (OMRI)
Captan® & Topsin-M® Surround® or Sulfur or Lime Sulfur
Rally® Kaligreen® (Powdery Mildew Eradicant)
Listed Insecticides Neem® or Pyganic® or Entrust® (Stone Fruits Only)

Agrimycin® or Fixed Copper (Apples & Pears Except During Bloom)

Gramoxone® or Roundup® Avenger® or Burnout® or AXXE®/BioSafe® or (Scythe® no OMRI label)

Important Note

Important Note: The calendar spray dates given are an average estimate
for Anne Arundel and Prince George’s County Orchards, and may vary by
location in Maryland. Be sure to adjust your spray schedule application
dates accordingly. The above recommendations very closely reflect the
current spray program utilized at the University of Maryland Research and
Education Center, Upper Marlboro Facility for its research orchards.
Remember to always “Read the Label

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