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Updated: April 11, 2022

April 2022  | Volume 13, Issue 1

Field Crop Budgets for 2022

Shannon Dill, Principal Agriculture Agent, University of Maryland Extension, Talbot County

The University of Maryland Extension has updated site with new input data and spray programs for the 2022 field crop....Read more

The Importance of pH and Liming Material

Kelly Nichols, Agriculture Agent, University of Maryland Extension, Montgomery County

If I were stranded on a desert island and could do only one part of the soil test to determine how to grow food, I would test for pH.” This...Read more

Farming for Healthy Soils Program

Kelly Nichols, Agriculture Agent, University of Maryland Extension, Montgomery County

The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) is accepting applications for the Farming for Healthy Soil Program. This program...Read more

Suggestions for Dealing With Herbicide Shortages for 2022

Kurt Vollmer, Weed Management Specialist, University of Maryland Extension, and Mark VanGessel, Weed Management Specialist, University of Delaware

The shortage of glyphosate (Roundup, Gly Star, etc.) and glufosinate (Liberty, Interline, etc.) herbicides are forcing farmers to seek other options for burndown...Read more

Cover Crop Biomass and Termination Considerations

Jarrod Miller, Amy Shober, and Mark VanGessel, University of Delaware

The benefits of cover crops to the following corn crop can include additional nitrogen (N) or weed suppression, but maximizing these benefits requires...Read more

Fusarium Head Blight Management

Alyssa Koehler, Extension Field Crops Pathologist, University of Delaware

Although the cold nights last week slowed us down some, small grains have been moving right along. It is never too early to start making a game plan for...Read more

March 2022 Grain Market Report

Dale Johnson, Farm Management Specialist, University of Maryland Extension
(Information summarized from the USDA WASDE report)

Corn: There were no changes on the corn supply side from the February 9 WASDE estimates. On the demand side, ethanol estimates increased 25 million bushel...Read more

Alfalfa Insect Report

David Owens, Extension Entomologist, University of Delaware

If you have not yet scouted alfalfa for weevils, now is the time! Alfalfa weevil eggs began hatching earlier this year than usual, and we found active weevil larvae...Read more

Recovering Quail - Maryland Early Succession Habitat Workshop

Meadows, Grasslands, Shrublands, and Young Forests

Bobwhite quail have experienced the greatest decline of all birds in Maryland in the last 50 years, in large part due to the loss of early succession...Read more

Summer Internship Opportunities

The Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology seeks two students for a summer internship that offers a hybrid of scientific research and outreach and communications. The ideal candidates have strong writing and communications skills coupled with knowledge in environmental science and an interest in agricultural landscapes. This internship is funded through a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Small Watershed Grant to explore how to restore agricultural fields that have been damaged by saltwater intrusion and sea-level rise to vibrant, thriving marshes full of healthy plants and animal species. It is being held in partnership with Agroecology Lab at the University of Maryland.

The full internship announcement is available here. The deadline to apply is Friday, April 22.

Students may apply at:

  • UME Agronomy Faculty Directory

  • Maryland Weather Outlook

  • Maryland Regional Crop Reports

Sequestering Carbon: What To Think About With Carbon Contracts

Paul Goeringer, Agriculture Law Legal Specialist, University of Maryland, Agriculture Law Education Initiative

Carbon contracts are becoming a topic again for many agricultural producers around the country. As we will discuss, there are several legal considerations when deciding if such an agreement fits your needs. At the same time, please...Read more

World Crop Statistics: Ukraine & Russia

Dale Johnson, Farm Management Specialist, University of Maryland Extension

There is a lot in the news about the impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on world crop economics. It has certainly caused...Read more

Weed Management Webinar Recording

Extension Specialists and Agents from Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia held an integrated weed management webinar on March 24, 2022. The recording is available for viewing at

Managing Soil Fertility in Times of High Prices

Amanda Grev, Pasture & Forage Specialist, University of Maryland Extension

Fertilizer prices have continued to climb, with prices increasing as much as 89 to 154% from the end of 2020 through the beginning of 2022 (Figure 1). Current predictions are that fertilizer prices are expected to remain elevated for the...Read more

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