Get more from your natural areas.

Forest stewardship begins with understanding what you want from your natural areas.

Do you want to create more habitat for wildlife by creating healthier woodlands?

Do you want to help improve water quality?

Do you want to make it possible for others to enjoy your property?

Do you want to manage your woodlands for timber or other wood products?

Learn about these and more.

Forest Threats

Your woodlands face a variety of forest threats, including insects, diseases, damage from wildlife, and invasive species.

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Landowner Liability and Recreation Access

Do you want others to enjoy your Maryland woodlands and natural areas as much as you do? It is essential to understand how to do so safely and legally, and how to protect your interests.

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Riparian Buffers

Riparian buffers help your woodlands in several ways, adding to water quality and helping to reduce erosion and enhance wildlife habitat.

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"Conewago riparian buffer pix" by pennstatenews is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Stewardship Planning

Having a plan for your natural areas is essential. Here you'll find information about timber harvesting, tax and estate planning, and much more.

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