Vineyard in Mt. Airy Maryland
Updated: August 17, 2021
By Dr. Joseph Fiola

Find tools below to assist in the evaluation of site suitability for starting vineyards anywhere in Maryland. 

The files contain general and specific information as well as maps for climate, geology, slope, aspect, elevation, soil classification, and land-use classification. The individual site features were then “layered” or combined to produce a composite “Viticulture Suitability Ranking" image. 

There is a file for getting a view of the whole state and files for individual counties. For each county there is a PowerPoint type file that is meant for viewing on the web and a word type document that is better suited for printing and viewing at your leisure. Washington County is the prototype map that is now available and others will be appearing shortly. 

We hope you find them helpful. Feedback is always requested.

Site Selection Tools

Site Suitability Evaluation for Starting Vineyards in Maryland Presentation PDF
Washington County Md. Site Suitability Document PDF
Recommended Wine Grape Varieties for Maryland Grapes and Fruit
Technology of Viticulture Presentation PDF - Joseph A. Fiola, Ph.D., UME Specialist, Viticulture and Small Fruit

Vineyard Site Selection for Maryland's Diverse Regions

Presentation PDF - Joseph A. Fiola, Ph.D., UME Specialist, Viticulture and Small Fruit

Vineyard Design, Eric Stafne, Mississippi State University

Vineyard Site Selection

Document PDF - Tony K. Wolf and John D. Boyer, Professor of Viticulture and Lecturer, Virginia Tech
Vineyard Site Selection Website - Virginia Cooperative Extension

Other Important Resources

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Organizations/University Resources

  • Maryland Wineries Association

  • Maryland Grape Growers Association

  • Penn State Extension Wine & Grape U.

  • MSU Extension Grapes

  • Virginia Tech Viticulture Extension Resources