Table grapes
Updated: June 23, 2021
By Dr. Joseph Fiola

Resources for commercial table grapes

Ready To Take Root-Getting Started with Small Fruit & Hops The Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC) and the University of Maryland Extension (UME) partnered in 2018 and 2019 to offer a series of workshops on everything you need to know to grow, sell and market small fruits and hops in the Southern Maryland region and throughout the state of Maryland. The workshop series and resource portal was made possible in part by a Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund Grant (RMPIF) and the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Table Grapes Potential for Maryland (pdf)  Adapted from: Table Grapes in Michigan, by Thomas J. Zabadal, G. Stanley Howell, and David P. Miller, Michigan State, Department of Horticulture, Extension Bulletin E-2642, December 1997. Joseph A. Fiola, Ph.D., Extension Specialist in Viticulture and Small Fruit, University of Maryland Extension   

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