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Updated: October 12, 2022

October 4, 2022  |  Volume 3, Issue 3


Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the cooler weather! While in many areas corn silage harvest is mostly complete and most cover crops have been planted, it’s still a busy time of year! Don’t forget to get a sample of your new corn silage sent for analysis before you begin feeding it—the new corn silage should ferment undisturbed for at least 3 weeks before feeding. Note that starch digestibility will continue to increase as the silage ferments longer, up to 4 months.

We will be hosting two on-farm workshops this fall in Cecil (Oct. 31st) and Garrett (Nov. 8th) counties. These workshops will focus on animal care topics and are free, but registration is required. See page 7 for more details. The Maryland Department of Agriculture is looking for dairy producers to complete a short survey on precision feed management; see page 8 for more information. Lastly, the Center for Dairy Excellence is offering technical assistance grants to dairy producers in the mid-Atlantic; see the information below for more details.

In this issue, we focus on selective dry cow therapy, water for calves, and tips for improving hay storage. Please contact me if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions (; 301-432-2767 ext. 324).

Best Regards,

Sarah Potts Extension Specialist, Dairy & Beef

Considerations for Selective Dry Cow Therapy

By Sarah Potts, Ph.D. Extension Specialist, Dairy & Beef

Traditional dry cow management strategies recommended treating every cow with intramammary antibiotics at dry-off. This strategy, also known as “blanket dry cow treatment”, was recommended to help 1) cure any existing mastitis infections and 2) prevent new mastitis infections from..Read more Considerations for Selective Dry Cow Therapy

Don’t Overlook Water For Young Calves

By Sarah Potts, Ph.D. Extension Specialist, Dairy & Beef

You’ve probably heard it before: water is an important, yet overlooked, nutrient. The importance of water is not surprising, given that a cow’s body is comprised of more than 70% water. Like cows, calves also need to drink water...Read more about Don’t Overlook Water For Young Calves

Grant Opportunity!

Dairy producers looking to build their brand, improve consumer access to locally-produced foods, and work with a consultant in the value-added & direct marketing space should consider applying for a Technical Assistance Grant through The Center of Dairy Excellence. This grant is for dairy farms and small-scale dairy businesses in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. The grant is designed to provide financial assistance to help dairy farms access the private consulting resources they need to build their brand and to help cultivate our regional food economy, strengthen our regional dairy food processing capacity, improve consumer access to locally-produced foods, and create and improve economic opportunities for individual dairy producers and food businesses.

For more information, visit:

Proper Storage Saves Forage

By Amanda Grev, Ph.D. Extension Specialist, Pasture & Forages

Most of us are aware that forage losses can accumulate in a hurry, particularly for hay. Adding up potential losses incurred during harvest, storage, and feeding, as much as 60% of forage dry matter can be lost between...Read more about Proper Storage Saves Forage

MDA Precision Feed Management Survey

The Maryland Department of Agriculture is working with the local Soil Conservation Districts to collect data to help demonstrate the Maryland Dairy Industry’s progress toward nutrient reduction goals for the Chesapeake Bay. The survey is voluntary and consists of FOUR questions related to milk urea nitrogen (MUN) averages, the amount of milk shipped, the number of cows milking, and the breed of cows on the farm. No individual information about your farm will be shared outside the Soil Conservation District or Maryland Department of Agriculture.

For survey details and questions, contact your local Soil Conservation District Office or Alisha Mulkey (

Responses should be submitted by October 21st, 2022.

Dairy Animal Care Workshops

Calf laying down in stall

Dairy producers are invited to join us for our Dairy Animal Care workshop series.  Each event in this series will feature animal care topics, such as Beef Quality Assurance, calf management, non-ambulatory animal management, and euthanasia.  Speakers will include extension personnel and local veterinarians. Lunch will be provided.

Time: 10:30 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.   |  Cost: Free, pre-registration is required for planning purposes

October 31, 2022  |  Monday  |  Location: Long Green Farms, 20 Long Green Farms Lane, Rising Sun, MD 21911

November 8, 2022  |  Tuesday  |  Location: Swartzentruber's Dairy Farm, 1791 Mansfield Road, Oakland, MD 21550

March 2023  |  Location: TBA (Smithsburg, MD)

For more information or need special accommodations to attend, please contact Sarah Potts at  301-432-2767 x324 or by email at

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