Pollinator Buffer Demo Day at LESREC
Updated: July 13, 2022

July 2022

Pollinator/Vegetative Buffers Demo Day Was a Success!

Put on by the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance, Delmarva Poultry Association, University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, and University of Maryland Extension, poultry growers and others came out to learn how these buffers can capture dust, shade houses, deter Canada geese and other wild fowl (preventing spread of disease), absorb excess nutrients before they reach  local waterways, and reduce maintenance costs and time on their properties. 

Held here at the Lower Eastern Shore Research & Education Center (LESREC) in Salisbury, participants enjoyed a beautiful day, where they heard from experts and shared a meal generously  provided DCA and the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance. 

Miscanthus talk
Dr. Haley Sater, hsater@umd.edu, of UME discusses Miscanthus Grass as a buffer

Potential Class Action Lawsuit Filed Arguing Broiler Growers Are Employees of Company

By Paul Goeringer, Extension Legal Specialist, UMD 

(This article is not a substitute for legal advice.)

An interesting potential class action was recently filed in U.S. district court in South Carolina involving a broiler grower and Amick Farms.  In this class action suit, the grower argues that they and other similarly  situated growers for Amick Farms are Amick employees and not independent contractors as their contracts state.  This action is currently in the early stages and will be worth watching for those in the industry going forward. It is important to note that, however, as of right now, the action only involves Amick Farms and no other integrated poultry operations.  The action in question is Diaz v. Amick Farms, LLC, No. 5:22-CV-01246.   Read more>> 

Biden Administration Announces Proposed Changes to the Poultry Tournament System

By Paul Goeringer, Extension Legal Specialist, UMD

 (The article is not a substitute for legal advice.)

     The Biden administration recently announced a proposed regulation to revise the Packers and Stockyards Act to require more disclosures to contract poultry growers. These regulations would fully replace the proposed regulations announced by the Trump administration. The regulations being proposed by USDA are to combat a concern by USDA that poultry growers are not fully aware of the financial risks associated with flock placements and the tournament system. At the same time, there is a concern that growers potentially are making financial decisions involving improvements to houses without fully understanding the financial risks. The proposed rules would assist in combating that. The current administration’s proposed regulations are similar to efforts made at the end of the Obama administration to create transparency in the tournament system.  Read more>> 

Celebrating Outstanding Growers on Delmarva At the DCA BBQ - Delaware State Fairgrounds

James Fisher, DCA Communications Manager

Delmarva Chicken Association announced the recipients of its Outstanding Grower awards, honoring 12 farm families in Delmarva’s chicken community with recognition as exemplary farmers raising broiler   chickens. Each grower operates an independent, family-owned farm raising chickens under contract for one of Delmarva’s five chicken companies. There are more than 1,360 such chicken growers on Delmarva, each one an important part of the $4.2 billion chicken community.  Read more>> 

Poultry Grower 2022 Winners
Outstanding Poultry Growers













Poultry Housing Tips:  Uneven Bird Distribution Can Prove Costly

M. Czarick and B. Fairchild Dept. of Poultry Science, UGA

Though broilers often appear to be evenly distributed throughout a house, more times than not our eyes are   deceiving us. Figures 1 and 2 are of the tunnel fan and tunnel inlet ends of a 50' X 600' broiler house with 20-day-old birds. At first glance bird density appears fairly uniform but when examined closely, it becomes  apparent that there are more birds near the tunnel doors (far right of Figure 2) than in any other area of the house. The question are, of course, is this “slight” difference in bird density significant? Will it create problems in the future?   Read more>> 

Poultry Growers Field Day

New MDA Animal Diagnostic Labs/Education Tour

We are joining with the Maryland Department of Agriculture to tour their newest facility, the Animal Diagnostic Laboratory in Salisbury, and have some mini-clinics on the following topics:

-  Biosecurity       -  Early Clinical Signs of HPAI        -  How to Collect Samples 

This will take place on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at 27722 Nanticoke Road, Salisbury, MD, right next to University of Maryland's LESREC (Lower Eastern Shore Research & Education Center).  

A light lunch will be provided to those who register before August 11, 2022.

Register at:  https://ume-mda-diagnostic-tour.eventbrite.com 

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