Agronomy News cover page for July 2023.
Updated: July 17, 2023

July 2023  |  Volume 14, Issue 4

Message from AGNR on Changes to the Nutrient Management Program

Dr. Craig Beyrouty, Dean of the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources and
Dr. Jinhee Kim, Associate Dean and Director of University of Maryland Extension

The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) wishes to reaffirm its commitment to the state of Maryland and its citizens. As a trusted partner in the community, University of Maryland Extension (UME), administered by AGNR, has been providing timely, research-driven, problem-solving assistance to the public...Read more about changes to the Nutrient Management Program

Symposium July 20: Public Land and Private Partnerships for Early Succession Habitat

Luke Macauley, Wildlife Management Specialist, University of Maryland Extension

Dramatic declines in pollinators and grassland and shrub-dependent birds like bobwhite quail, meadowlarks, and more highlight the need for habitat improvement efforts on a broad scale. This symposium will provide education, networking, and inspiration to facilitate habitat improvement efforts across the region.

This workshop is oriented towards farmers, foresters, landowners, land managers, and active citizens with a strong interest and ability to create or manage early succession habitat on a scale of 10 acres or more. Please share with others interested in the topic.

This meeting will be in-person and also available by zoom. Register now at The event will be held at the National Wildlife Visitor Center in Laurel, Maryland.

Nutrient Management Update

Erika Crowl, Senior Agriculture Agent Associate, University of Maryland Extension, Baltimore County

On June 1, MD Secretary of Agriculture, Kevin Atticks, announced the decision to cut the funding to the University of Maryland’s (UMD) Nutrient Management Program. UMD gets pass-through dollars from EPA in the form of an annual grant administered by the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) for UMD to hire nutrient management advisors to write nutrient management plans for farmers at no cost.

As of August 31, 2023 all UMD nutrient management planners will be let go, but the University will retain four Nutrient Management Specialists on campus. MDA has indicated they plan to redirect funding to offer...Read more

  • Cover Crop Sign-Up Open June 26 to July 17

    The annual sign-up period for the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Cover Crop Program will take place from June 21 through July 17 at soil conservation district offices statewide.

  • Maryland Hay and Straw Directory

    The Maryland Department of Agriculture has an updated hay and straw directory. To include hay and straw for sale in the directory, please contact Agricultural Marketing Specialist, Audrey Broomfield, at (410) 260-9349 or by email at

Pesticide Exam Now Available Online

The Maryland Department of Agriculture in partnership with Everblue, an innovative technology company that specializes in digitizing and automating processes, have introduced the option of online pesticide certification exams to provide greater convenience, access, and flexibility for exam candidates. Click here to read more about the new program. Read more about the new program

Interested in 'Planting Green' but Worried about Stands and Slugs?

Ray Weil, Professor of Soil Science, University of Maryland, College Park

Planting Green refers to no-till planting a primary crop into an actively growing cover crop before killing it mechanically or with an herbicide. This advanced soil health practice allows cover crops to grow longer, offering improved soil health and long-term agronomic outcomes. But for many farmers, the idea of planting...Read more about "planting green"

Wheat Quality Concern—Falling Numbers are Falling

2023 was shaping up to be a decent wheat season, with mild winter and minimal disease impacts this spring. Although some areas of the state were dry, there were some timely rains at the end of April to get the crop through the rest of the season. We sometimes forget that wheat thrives in much...Read more about Wheat Quality Concern.

Weather Market Phenomena

Nathaniel Bruce, Farm Business Specialist, University of Delaware and Mark Townsend, Agriculture Agent Associate, University of Maryland Extension, Frederick County

June proved volatile for grain markets. To recap, the December 2023 contract rallied off its $4.90 lows from late-May, peaking at $6.29 on June 21st and has precipitously fallen back below $5.00 at the time of writing this article. As it does, the soft red winter wheat market followed suit in the September contract with a big swing...Read more about Weather Market Phenomena

Corn and Soybean Fungicide Efficacy Charts

Andrew Kness, Senior Agriculture Agent, University of Maryland Extension, Harford County

Each year, Extension faculty from across the US compile fungicide efficacy charts for foliar diseases of corn and soybean. These charts list the major foliar diseases of corn and soybean and the relative effectiveness of foliar fungicides for managing those diseases. Ratings are based on the latest data from field trials across the US. Use the carts to aid your selection of an effective fungicide program for your crop. Corn and soybean charts can be accessed online from the Crop Protection Network.

Scout for Tar Spot in Corn

Andrew Kness, Senior Agriculture Agent, University of Maryland Extension, Harford County

As many of you are aware, we confirmed tar spot for the first time in Maryland during the 2022 growing season. Tar spot is a foliar disease of corn caused by the fungus Phyllachora maydis. This disease has the potential to significantly impact yield.
Tar spot may appear in corn on any above-ground...Read more about Tar Spot in Corn

  • University of Maryland Agronomy Faculty Directory

  • Maryland Weather Outlook

  • Maryland Regional Crop Reports

LEAD Maryland Fellowship Applications Open

The LEAD Program is seeking applicants, age 21 or older, with career, service, or interest in: production agriculture, natural resources, the environment and conservation, food (processing, sourcing, distribution, marketing, safety), rural
communities and development, business, communications, education, government, science and technology, finance, and much more. For more information about the program go to

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