The University of Maryland Agriculture and Food Systems team provides a variety of agricultural education programs and delivers them across the State of Maryland.

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  • Extensión en Español
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  • Maryland Agronomy News
    Provides readers with current information on cover crops, forage, soil health, nutrient management, regional crop reports, weather outlook, disease and pest updates, and much more.
  • Maryland Horse Blog
    Provides readers with current information on basic horse ownership, care, health, nutrition, barn management, business management, and horse transport.
  • Maryland Risk Management Education Blog
    Provides readers with information on legal and risk management issues, upcoming events, and new materials of interest to the agricultural community.
  • Maryland Fruit & Vegetable Blog
    Provides readers with current information on fruits and vegetables, disease and pest updates, and much more.

Webinars and Podcasts

  • Grower Lunch Breaks
    Meetings for Poultry Growers and allied businesses to come together and talk about the industry, concerns, education, and what we are doing well at. (register)
  • Farm Transitions and Estate Planning Webinars 
    Visit the Farm Transitions and Estate Planning webinars web page to find a list of recorded webinars on the subject of farm estate planning and the transition process.
  • Maryland Risk Management Education Podcast
    Listen and learn about developments in crop insurance, ag policy, and agricultural law.
  • Women in Agriculture Webinars
    Live webinars are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at noon (EST) and are completely free. The webinars cover the topic of risk management, which includes finances, human resources, marketing, legal, social media, and agricultural production. In case you miss the live session, you can always check out the archived library which covers a wide range of topics.f interest to you.

Online Courses

  • Annie's Project
    The class focuses on the many aspects of farm management and is designed to empower women in overall farm decision making and to build local networks throughout the state. The target audience is farm women and women involved in agriculture with a passion for business, agriculture, and involvement in the farm operation. Topics for the sessions cover the five areas of Risk Management – Production, Marketing, Financial, Legal Risk, Human Resources. This course is open to anyone interested in farm management practices.
  • Beginning Farmer Guidebook
    The online course includes live links and videos with each section of the guidebook. It is free and a great way to learn!
  • Farm Stress Management Course
    This online self-paced training is designed for Agriculture Service Providers to equip them with the skills and knowledge to support farms and farm families in times of distress. The training was developed by the University of Maryland Extension Farm Stress Management Team. The goals include: identify signs of distress, develop skills to communicate with those experiencing stress, and provide resources both locally and nationally. Financial and regulatory topics will also be discussed as they are often contributors to stress on the farm. To access the course visit our online portal at

    For more information on the Farm Stress Management program visit The program is open to all and is funded through a grant with the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program under sub award number ENE20-160-34268.

  • Maryland Food Ventures
    If you are starting a value-added food business in Maryland. Sign-up today for the Maryland Food Ventures Interactive self-paced online course! The course covers information for food subject to Maryland cottage Food or On-Farm Home Processing regulations, like high-acid jams, most breads, dried herbs, and raw honey. Topics include product development, food safety and licensing, marketing, packaging, financing, and pricing. The online course will consist of short videos, exercises, and quizzes with an average course completion time of five to six hours; surveys to assess attitudes and behaviors related to value-added foods. Cost: $35, Register Today!
  • Land in Maryland: Basic Legal Issues for All Landowners
    The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC) has released a new online course for rural landowners in Maryland. The So You Want to Own Farmland in Maryland course is now available through the University of Maryland’s Enterprise Learning Management System – Canvas. The free program will cover those legal issues that Maryland landowners may face. A grant funds the program through the Northeast Risk Management
    Education Center. The online course will feature Paul Goeringer, a Senior Faculty Specialist and Extension Specialist in agricultural law. He will address leasing, landowner liability issues, right-to-farm law, fencing laws, livestock liability, and estate planning. For more information or to register, go to
  • Online Self Paced Courses
    The AgFS team has created a number of self paced online courses. Create a student account and see what AgFS online has to offer.


Newsletters from UME offer informative, researched-based information that the reader can put into practice. Informative articles include crop production, disease information, animal science, and upcoming programs.

  • Animal Science

    • Cattle Tales Livestock Newsletter
      This newsletter is to provide science-based production recommendations for the livestock produces of Maryland and beyond (subscribe)
    • Commercial Poultry News (subscribe) Is a quarterly newsletter geared to the commercial poultry producer. The publication is available in Korean and Vietnamese translation.
    • Maryland Milk Moos
      Maryland Milk Moos is a quarterly newsletter published by the University of Maryland Extension that is focused on dairy topics related to Nutrition and Production, Herd Management, and Forage Production.  To subscribe to our mailing list, send an e-mail message to In the body of the message, write “subscribe maryland-dairy”.
    • Wild & Woolly Newsletter 
      Is a quarterly newsletter for sheep and goat producers and anyone else who is interested in small ruminants.To subscribe to the listserve, send an e-mail to In the body of the message, write "subscribe sheepandgoatnews".
  • Farm and Agribusiness Management

    • Food Safety Newsletter for Maryland Farmers  (subscribe)
      A weekly newsletter coming from the Plant Science Food Safety Group. Its focus is on Maryland fruit and vegetable farmer and will contain timely information to keep you updated on food safety workshops, webinars, classes, and other news.
    • Mastering Marketing News Article 
      Is published periodically containing important seasonal marketing information. To subscribe to our mailing list, send an e-mail message to In the body of the message, write “subscribe agmarketing”.
    • Women in Agriculture and Annie's Project (subscribe)
       Information about all MidAtlantic Women In Agriculture events, including Annie's Project
  • Fruit and Vegetable Production

    • Grapes and Fruit Timely Viticulture
      Is an electronic newsletter that is designed to give those in the grape industry a timely reminder of things they should be considering in the vineyard. To subscribe to our mailing list, send an e-mail message to In the body of the message, write “subscribe grapemd".
    • Vegetable and Fruit News (subscribe) This newsletter is published monthly during the growing season and provides timely updates on topics relevant to commercial fruit and vegetable production.
    • Fruit Pulse-Apple Maturity Assessments for the Mid-Atlantic (subscribe)
      Routine measurements of fruit starch levels, ground color, and other maturity indices allow growers to make improved decisions about optimum harvest dates for long-term storage.
  • Integrated Programs

    • Beginning Farmer Success (subscribe to alerts)
    • Energy News (subscribe)
      Maryland Energy Extension (MEE) is a University of Maryland Extension program providing unbiased and research-based information related to energy conservation, energy efficiency and clean energy technology. Our mission is to help facilitate sustainable energy decisions for agricultural producers, landowners, businesses and residents throughout Maryland. Energy News provides our public and private partners with updates on our current work and its context among all things energy in the state. 
    • Farm Stress Management Newsletter (subscribe)
      Check out our newsletter that offers programming statewide, training opportunities, and many resources to raise awareness.
  • Ornamental Horticulture

    • Greenhouse TPM/IPM Report (subscribe)
      The Greenhouse TPM/IPM report is an alert to inform commercial greenhouse and cut flower producers of pest or disease issues during the growing season.
    • TPM/IPM Weekly Report (subscribe)
      This report is for arborists, landscape managers, and nursery managers. Articles contain information on pest and beneficial insects, fertility management, disease information, cultural information, and IPM and entomology for nursery, greenhouse, and managed landscapes.
  • Row Crop and Forage Production

    • Agronomy Newsletter (subscribe)
      This newsletter is published monthly during the growing season and provides timely updates on topics relevant to row crop production.
  • Urban Agriculture

    • Urban Agriculture Extension
      This is the monthly newsletter of Urban Ag Extension in Baltimore City. Subscribe to stay up to date on upcoming events and the latest articles and resources. (subscribe)
  • Newsletters from University of Maryland Extension (UME) County Offices 

  • Cluster Newsletters

    • Agline-Upper Shore Cluster Newsletter
      Providing agricultural information and learning opportunities to residents of Kent and Queen Anne's County.
    • Lower Eastern Shore Agriculture Newsletter
      Agriculture newsletter for Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester counties.
    • Shore Farming (subscribe)




Efficacy of Weed Management Tactics SPES-268NP

This poster provides relative effectiveness of various integrated weed management tactics for summer annual crops. The chart helps identify the most effective tactics to manage weeds.

Flessner, M., Bamber, K., Besacon, T., Chandran, R., Hines, T., Johnson, Q., Lingenfelter, D., Rubione, C., Shergill, L.,  Singh, V., VanGessel, M., Vollmer, K., & Wallace, J. (Jan 2021)


Social Media


Name of Program Facebook (F) Twitter (T) YouTube (Y) Instagram (I)

    Animal Science

Aquaculture F   Y  


Dairy F      
Horses F   Y  
Sheep and Goats F T Y I
Small Flock Poultry F

    Farm and Agribusiness Management

Ag Marketing Y
Maryland Rural Enterprise Development Center Y
Women in Agriculture F T Y I

    Integrated Programs

Agricultural Law F T
Agricultural Nutrient Management Program T Y
Beginning Farmer Success F T Y
LEAD Maryland F T Y
Maryland Energy Extension F T Y

    Row Crop, Forage, Fruit, and Vegetable Production

Grain Marketing F
Forages F   Y  
FarcuhLab (Small Fruit) F   Y

    Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture



    University of Maryland Extension (UME)

Allegany County Office     Y  
Anne Arundel County Office  F      
Baltimore City Office  F      
Baltimore County Office   F   Y  
Calvert County Office        
Caroline County Office        
Carroll County Office F T   I
Cecil County Office F      
Charles County Office F      
Dorchester County Office F      
Frederick County Office F      
Garrett County Office     Y  
Harford County Office        
Howard County Office F      
Kent County Office        
Montgomery County Office F T    
Prince George's County Office F T    
Queen Anne's County Office        
St. Mary's County Office        
Talbot County Office        
Washington County Office     Y  
Wicomico County Office F      
Worcester County F      

    Research and Education Centers

Central Maryland Research and Education Center        
Lower Eastern Shore Research and Education Center  F      
Western Maryland Research and Education Center        
Wye Research and Education Center        


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