Welcome to the University of Maryland Extension (UME)

New Faculty Orientation and Onboarding

We welcome you as a part of our UME team. We are glad you have chosen to join us in our mission to bring educational opportunities to the residents of Maryland!

UME is built upon a foundation of dedicated professionals working in local communities to provide education and leadership to the residents of Maryland. Your success as a faculty member contributes to the success of our organization as a whole. If you are county, city, or cluster-based, your Program Leader (PL) and Area Extension Director/Baltimore City Extension Director (AED/BCED) want you to be successful in your role as a faculty member for UME. If you are a State level Extension Specialist, some of the items identified in summary may be carried out by support staff at the Research and Education Center (REC) or on campus. Further, if you are a professional track faculty (PTK) some of the information may not align with your primary teaching focus and if so, your Program Leader will advise.

This orientation checklist has been designed to further your success as a faculty member. It will help you to understand UME and your role as well as prepare you for the critical points along the way. It will be your responsibility, with the help of your PL and AED/BCED, to review and complete the tasks on the summary within the timelines set forth. We also suggest that you seek the advice and assistance of your assigned Mentor as well as other faculty members and brainstorm about how you can collaborate and share resources.

At the end of each month, please scan and email the section of the checklist for that month to your AED/BCED and PL for review of your progress.

NOTE: Some tasks will be reviewed with your AED/BCED and Program Leader and are listed in both sections. An asterisk indicates those tasks.

Please meet with the following individuals according to the established timelines included in the checklist:

  • Area Extension Director/Baltimore City Extension Director (AED/BCED)
  • Program Leader (PL)
  • Administrative Assistant or other support staff
  • Program and Organizational Development (POD) Unit Faculty and Staff
  • Day One

  • Week One

  • Month One

  • Month Two

  • Month Three