Bay-Wise Program

Better Water Quality Through Smarter Gardening

The University of Maryland Extension (UME) Bay-Wise Program is a homeowner education program conducted by Maryland Master Gardeners in several counties.

Most Maryland residents live within a half-mile of a storm drain, stream or river.  Most of those waterways eventually drain into the Chesapeake Bay.  What we do to maintain our own landscapes can affect the health of our local waterways (drainage ditches, streams, and rivers), the Chesapeake Bay and our environment.  We all need to do our part to take care of our waterways and environment.  By changing a few simple landscape practices, you and your family can help keep Maryland communities healthy.

The University of Maryland Extension Bay-Wise Program focuses on water quality. It comprises a comprehensive set of environmental topics that affect the quality and quantity of water here in Maryland. Most of these topics relate to landscape management, however, a few, like hydrology, wells & septic systems, hazardous household products and water conservation, address household issues. 

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    How to Participate

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