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May 13, 2021  |  Volume 12, Issue 2

June Vegetable Insect Scouting Tips

By Emily Zobel, Senior Agent Associate, Agriculture, University of Maryland Extension-Dorchester County 

It is crucial to check 5-10 locations (50+ plants) throughout the field when making treatment decisions. Localized
infestations can..Read more>>

Swiss Chard and Spinach Leafminers are Active

By Jerry Brust Extension IPM Vegetable Specialist University of Maryland

Spinach and beet leafminers have been around in low numbers for the past few weeks but have increased rapidly in the last 5-6 days. These leaf miners...Read more>>

Edema Problem in Greenhouse Tomatoes

By Jerry Brust Extension IPM Vegetable Specialist University of Maryland

An odd problem was seen in tomato plants being grown for harvest in a greenhouse that showed blister- or calluslike
growths usually along veins that first...Read more>>

Low to Moderate Levels of Two Spotted Spider Mites in Strawberries

By Jerry Brust Extension IPM Vegetable Specialist University of Maryland

I visited some strawberry fields over the last few weeks in Maryland and while most of the fields were on plastic,
some were...Read more>>

Summary of the Comparative Efficacy of Common Active Ingredients in Organic Insecticides Against Difficult to Control Insect Pests

By Galen P. Dively, Terry Patton, Lindsay Barranco, and Kelly Kulhanek., Entomology, University of Maryland College Park

There exists a lack of control efficacy information to enable decision-making about which organic insecticide product works best for a given insect pest. Here we...Read more>>

How to Disinfect Stakes Before Reuse

By Gordon Johnson Extension Vegetable & Fruit Specialist, University of Delaware

Many growers reuse stakes used in supporting crops such as tomatoes and peppers. Bacterial and fungal diseases
have been shown to survive on wooden stakes and can be...Read more>>

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Maryland Fruit & Vegetable Blog

What more great information between issues of the Fruit and Vegetable Newsletter, then check out the new Maryland Fruit & Vegetable Blog!


Pesticide Labels and MSDS online at

Cicada Brood Crew 2021 logo

The Cicada Crew is a team of entomologists (Drs. Shrewsbury and Raupp, and a group of 8 graduate students) from the University of Maryland working to spread knowledge and awareness of periodical cicadas.

We are here to help answer your questions about periodical cicadas and help you to learn more about these amazing insects. Be sure to explore the Cicada Crew UMD website and its FAQ’s, links do additional resources, cicada images and to the Entomology Student Organization).

Blueberry IPM Post Bloom

By Haley Sater, Agriculture Agent, University of Maryland Extension-Wicomico County

Most blueberry cultivars here in Maryland bloomed and green fruit are developing. Now is the time when a variety
of pathogens and pest will begin to take up...Read more>>

Primocane Blackberries

By Gordon Johnson, Extension Vegetable & Fruit Specialist, University of Delaware

Originally, commercially available blackberries were floricane types, that is, they fruit on last year’s canes. Over the last decade, the...Read more>>

Spotted Wing Drosophila Updated Insecticide Efficacy Chart

By David Owens, Extension Entomologist, University of Delaware

Extension entomologists working with spotted wing drosophila, and specifically a group spearheaded by Ash Sial at the University of Georgia, have made updates to...Read more>>

Nutrient Management Sample Collection & Preparation for Perennial Fruit Crops

Referenced by David Ruppert Coordinator Agricultural Nutrient Management Program, ENST, University of Maryland

Tissue samples for perennial fruit crops are typically taken when nutrient levels in leaves are relatively stable. All leaves for a sample should be...Read more>>

Compilation of Food Safety Education during COVID-19: Webinars, Zoom Trainings, and Farmers Market Meetings

By Margaret Todd, Esq., Research Assistant, ALEI, University of Maryland

Last March, ALEI Senior Legal Specialist Sarah Everhart traveled to McHenry, Maryland to provide a Produce Safety
Rule (PSR) training with the other members of the Maryland Food Safety Network. The onset of COVID-19 began shortly thereafter. Everhart and the other educators soon realized it would...Read more>>

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  • Well Head, Carol Allen, University of Maryland.

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