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Updated: July 27, 2021

Regulations and Insurance Requirements is part of the Maryland Retail Products Producer Program. This section will provide information about food processing regulations, food safety, and regulatory requirements, pest control, food venture insurance coverage.


Regulations and Insurance Requirements

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Ginger S. Myers
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A Producers Guide to Meat and Poultry Processing Regulations in Maryland (EB 372)  |  Author: Ginger S. Myers
This 13-page guide is intended to assist farmers, growers, and their advisors in understanding the regulations affecting the processing and marketing of meat and poultry products in Maryland. This guide also contains information on labeling, marketing, risk management, and regulatory exemptions. 

Meat Marketing Planner: Strategic Marketing for Farm-to-Table Meat Enterprises (EB 403)  |  Author: Ginger S. Myers
Meat Marketing Planner: Strategic Marketing for Farm-to-Table Meat Enterprises addresses marketing beef, pork, lamb, and goat, but not poultry processing since it  falls under different  USDA, FSIS, and state regulations.  While many of the key strategies discussed here can be applied to direct farm-to-consumer sales, this publication focuses on marketing farm-raised meats.

Launching a Cottage Food Business in Maryland (FS 1005)  |  Author: Ginger S. Myers
This report outlines the parameters of the Maryland Cottage Food Industry Law, including production and labeling requirements. The report also provides detailed information on approved cottage industry products, the requirements for selling them through various outlets, and regulations regarding limits on revenues and sales.


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