Updated: April 26, 2022


  • Beef cows

    Feeding the Gestating Cow

  • WYE Angus

    Getting Your Herd Ready for the Breeding Season

  • beef

    Utility of Estrus Synchronization in Beef Cattle

  • black cow and white and brown spotted calf

    Understanding the Calving Process for Timely Intervention


Breeding & Genetics
Length: 44:34
Jeff Semler
Description: In this presentation, Extension Educator, Jeff Semler, discusses breeding and genetics for the beef herd, including tips for making mating decisions and ensuring the reproductive success of the beef herd.


Cattle Health Management: Calving
Length: 57:25
Racheal Slattery
Description: UMD Animal & Avian Sciences Extension presents a talk on Calving, covering Getting Your Farm Ready for Calving, Common Management Techniques for a Successful Calving Season, and Strategies for When Things Go Wrong.

Presentation Slides

Estrous Synchronization Protocols