Get Connected

Below are links to connect you to some forage-related organizations, services, and news publications that you may find useful, along with contact information for our University of Maryland Extension Forage Team.

Meet Our Team Members

  • Dr. Amanda Grev, Forage and Pasture Specialist

    Dr. Amanda Grev

    Forage and Pasture Specialist
    (301) 432-2767 x339

  • Dr. Amy Burk, Equine Specialist

    Dr. Amy Burk

    Equine Specialist
    (301) 405-8337

  • Ben Beale, Extension Agent, St. Mary’s County

    Ben Beale

    Extension Agent, St. Mary’s County
    (301) 475-4481

  • Erika Crowl, Extension Agent, Baltimore County

    Erika Crowl

    Extension Agent, Baltimore County
    (410) 887-8090

  • Andy Kness, Extension Agent, Harford County

    Andy Kness

    Extension Agent, Harford County
    (410) 638-3255

  • Willie Lantz, Extension Agent, Garrett County

    Willie Lantz

    Extension Agent, Garrett County
    (301) 334-6960

  • Dave Myers, Extension Agent, Anne Arundel County

    Dave Myers

    Extension Agent, Anne Arundel County
    (301) 405-1602

  • Kelly Nichols

    Kelly Nichols

    Extension Educator-Montgomery County
    (301) 590-2807

  • Maegan Perdue

    Extension Agent, Worcester County
    (410) 632-1972

  • Jeff Semler, Extension Agent, Washington County

    Jeff Semler

    Extension Agent, Washington County
    (301) 791-1304

  • Charlie Sasscer

    Charlie Sasscer III

    Extension Agent, Prince George's County
    (301) 868-9366

  • Mark Townsend

    Agent Associate, Frederick County
    (301) 600-1594