Coursework Opportunities

MREDC is an innovative, 24-7 launch pad that will provide producers with a wide variety of web-based University, community, and professional resources for developing profitable, sustainable businesses. The courses in this section address specific enterprises and may be revised at any time. Additional courses or learning opportunities will be added as they become available. 

Annie's Project

Two-Course Selections are offered in Maryland and Delaware:

This course is designed to empower farm women to manage information systems used in critical decision-making processes and to build local networks throughout the state.

The target audience is farm women with a passion for business and involvement. It is an eight-week class that covers the five areas of Risk Management- Production, Marketing, Financial, Legal Risk, and Human Resources.

Managing for Today and Tomorrow (Annie's II):  This second level Annie's Project course teaches business, estate, retirement, and succession planning. Farm women will develop networks and skills key to making successful farm transitions.  Learn more

Institute of Applied Agriculture

The IAA program includes eight tracks in three key concentrations: Agricultural Business Management and Leadership, Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Management, and Turfgrass and Golf Course Management. You may find our new Agricultural Leadership and Communication track an exciting way to advocate for agriculture without going into production agriculture. Our popular Sustainable Agriculture track is growing with the next generation of innovative, urban and small scale farmers. The Landscape Management and Horticulture curricula are attracting young, eager entrepreneurs into the green industry, and our Turfgrass and Golf Course Management concentration is nationally recognized. Learn more

Maryland Beginning Farmer Success Course

This course is designed for people in Maryland who are considering or in the beginning stages of starting a farm as a business. Topics covered will include business planning, marketing, crop production, livestock husbandry, soil health, pest management, food safety, and regulations and certifications. Additional elective resources will cover more specialized topics, such as organic production, urban agriculture, and direct marketing to local customers.

This 9-week course will be offered during the winter time in a blended in-person and online format.
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Maryland Beginning Farmer Guidebook Online Course

This class series is designed for people who are considering or in the beginning stages of starting a farm as a business.

By taking this course, students will learn:
 - Beginning steps to starting a farm business
 - Decisions on what products and/or services to grow and sell
 - Creating a marketing plan through market research
 - Calculating revenue, expenses, and other financial planning
 - Understanding laws and regulations

How to access course:

  1. Go to the Campus Extension Website
  2. 2. Search for "Maryland Farmer"
  3. You will need to set up a log in to the site