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THANK YOU to Everyone who came out to help us Celebrate 100 Years of Extension!

Attendees were greeted by our 4-H Royalty, learned about and saw some of our featured programs, enjoyed refreshments and a few historical displays! 

On the third floor we had a display by Walkersville 4-H Club, Family & Consumer Sciences Poison Look Alike display and manned displays including MG Therapeutic Horticulture, MG Demonstration Garden, MG Baywise and 4-H Make-Your-Own Pumpkin Parfait.

On the second floor we had a display by Lewistown 4-H Club and manned displays including an antique seed collection, a display of copies of the Yearbook of Agriculture from the 1900's through 1991 & showcase of items through the years,  How to Increase Whole Grains in Your Diet taste test, and MG Youth Gardening.

On the first floor we showcased educational posters showing Heifer Growth, Tire Cutter, Stinkbugs, Finance, Food Supplement Nutrition Education (FSNE) Market to Mealtime and manned displays including 4-H Robotics and 4-H Shooting Sports & make your own
shotgun shell christmas lights, MG Information, Horticulture Education & National Junior Horticulture Association, Nutrient Management, Grass samples display & poster, 4-H Tailwaggers and Beginning Farmer program. 

Attendees came  and followed our map throughout the building and entered to win prizes.  Our Winners for Our Door Prizes were:
Patty Byrne - McCutcheons Gift Basket
Myrtle Sturtz – Large Orange Chrysanthemum
Waylon Farmer - $20 Meadow Farms Gift Card
Jennifer Leck – Potted Flower, Callibrochia
Garret Buckmeier – McCutcheons Preserves or Fruit Butter
Joanna Cleaver - McCutcheons Preserves or Fruit Butter
Peter Castro - McCutcheons Preserves or Fruit Butter
Cully Leck - McCutcheons Preserves or Fruit Butter
Ruth Swilley – Chrysanthemum
Carolyn Snyder – Chrysanthemum
Zachary Spurrier - Chrysanthemum

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The University of Maryland Extension (UME) was established by Congress in 1914.  UME  is an educational network, centered in the country's seventy-two land grant universities. UME provides research-based practical education to the problems of American families, agriculture, business, and industry.

In Maryland, UME operates through the University of Maryland at College Park (UMCP), and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). UME has field offices in all twenty-three Maryland counties and Baltimore City. UME is financially supported by federal, state, and local government.

Our UME faculty and staff are professionals engaged in non-formal educational programs that address economic, environmental, technical, and social concerns of all citizens. The UME faculty and staff efforts are supported by a multitude of dedicated volunteers. Our programs are carried out in response to the needs of the people of the state. The Frederick County UME faculty provide educational programs tailored to the unique problems of their area and use a variety of educational methods such as public presentations, demonstrations, publications, computer networks, satellite down links, videos, newspapers, radio, and television spots to reach their audiences related to the following topics:

  • 4-H & Youth
  • Agriculture
  • Environment & Natural Resources
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Health & Wellness
  • Home Gardening
  • Money

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The University of Maryland Extension programs are open to any person and will not discriminate against anyone because of race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, genetic information, political affiliation, and gender identity or expression.
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