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Updated: January 19, 2024

Continuing Extension Programming During a Pandemic: University of Maryland Extension Adapts to Dynamic Learning (EBR-58)

During 2020, the COVID 19 Pandemic forced University of Maryland Extension (UME) into teleworking. Although UME offices were closed, programming continued. To support staff and faculty in programming for the general public, a rapid response group was assembled to address distance learning and teaching needs. Faculty and staff insights of the experience are shared which could have implications on future Extension programming approaches. Authors: Jeff Howard, Amy Rhodes, and Chenzi Wang; Title: Continuing Extension Programming During a Pandemic: University of Maryland Extension Adapts to Dynamic Learning (EBR-58)
Updated: January 17, 2024

15 Ways to Address Nature-Deficit Disorder Anywhere, Anytime (EBR-2023-0664)

Nature is a powerful tool in the healthy development of children. This extension brief provides quick, easy, accessible suggestions on how to access nature with young children. We hope you enjoy your time outdoors Author: Amy Lang; Title: 15 Ways to Address Nature-Deficit Disorder Anywhere, Anytime (EBR-2023-0664)
Updated: February 2, 2021

Stress and Health

We usually associate “stress” with overpowering emotions and out of control situations. It is true in most cases, however, it is not the whole truth. Stress is a body’s response to a change. It helps in preparing for uncertainty and urgent situations. However, chronic exposure to stress can lead to burn- out, chronic diseases, mental health issues, and lower productivity. This publication helps reflect on the positive and negative aspects of  stress. It explains the physiology of  stress and how to cope with it in a simple fashion. It also highlights daily activities that can be implemented to reduce everyday stresses. This publication is a first of a series, stress management and mindfulness. The goal of these publications is to empower readers on facets of  stress that can be managed on day- to- day basis using techniques of mindfulness. The publications are formulated to build knowledge from the very basic understanding of stress to coping with  stress at work, family settings, and schools.
Updated: January 22, 2021

Educator's Guide to Mindfulness Activities for Adults

Mindfulness Activity Guide for Adults provides guidance and encouragement to people who wish to embrace mindfulness practice in their work and personal lives. As educators, we noticed a need for resources that might help both novice and advanced mindfulness facilitators implement mindfulness activities in group settings. By using the guide, we hope the facilitator will gain confidence and feel at ease leading these practices. The guide provides in-depth instructions for adapting the surroundings, duration, participants' postures, facilitator's script, and other activity components to fit diverse environments or audiences' needs. We truly hope you find the resource useful, as it was solely created to help you create mindful moments for yourself and others you wish to help. The publication is $25 per book. If you wish to buy multiple books, make sure to enter the calculated amount (based on the quantity) in the "Amount" section of the purchase form. If you have any questions regarding the guide or purchase process, email Dhruti Patel at dhrutip@umd.edu. To purchase this instructional guide, go to https://go.umd.edu/buymindfulguide.
Updated: January 12, 2021

A Mindfulness-based Approach in Reducing Stress

Stress is a universal phenomenon. It is crucial for the human existence as it helps us prepare for the challenges and threats of daily life. However, chronic exposure to stress can deeply impact our health and wellbeing. Hence it is important to manage daily stresses. Mindfulness is one of the key practices that can help reduce daily stresses and create a more positive impact on our wellbeing. This publication is the second publication of the series. Stress Management and Mindfulness. It illustrates the fundamentals of mindfulness practice and its impact on stress and overall health. It also, recommends several resources and simple activities that can be used to be more mindful in everyday life.