Animal Science

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Updated: August 30, 2023

Learn to Earn: Establishing and Creating 4-H Project Marketing Opportunities

In 2020, the pandemic brought much upheaval to life as we previously experienced. Cancellation of events, such as county fairs and shows presented unique challenges to 4-H members. The youth did not have the usual opportunities to interact with and educate the public about their 4-H projects. Communication skills that are the hallmark of 4-H and county fairs as a forum to develop those abilities by interacting with the public fell by the wayside. Youngsters no longer had the usual earning potential for the hard work they invested on their projects. Without 4-H fairs and shows, premiums and monies generated from the sale of products were severely limited or not possible at all. The 4-H program, like basically all of life, had to be done in unique ways in learning to market 4-H projects.
Updated: May 7, 2022

Veterinary Science Experience (EC-13)

Veterinary Science Experience is a 5-lesson program that provides participants the basic tools and information for those interested in the veterinary science field. Each lesson provides an introduction into basic animal care from small animals to livestock. The lessons can be combined into a day-long veterinary science day or broken up to provide a multi-week program. Educators of all levels can easily adapt each lesson to fit their unique needs. Authors: Becky Ridgeway, Jeanne Williams, and Bonnie Boyden. Title: Veterinary Science Experience (EC-13)