Maryland Woodland Stewards Workshop 2009 - Bluestem Farm. Photo by Edwin Remsburg
Updated: June 9, 2021

"The Woods in Your Backyard" program has assisted thousands of property owners across the region learn how to get more from their natural areas. Watch our videos to learn more.

Introduction to "The Woods in Your Backyard" (2:45)

Learn how the program can assist you reach your natural area goals through understanding habitat management principles and practices.

Winter Tree ID (1 hour 10 minutes)

How do you identify a tree when one of its most distinguishing features - its leaves - aren't available? Forestry Specialist Jonathan Kays presents a webinar for the Home & Garden Information Center about how to identify trees in the winter using characteristics other than leaves.

From Turf to Trees: Converting Lawn to Forest (6:59)

Learn valuable tips about planting trees to help create or expand woodland on your property.

How to measure trees with a Biltmore stick (6:44)

Learn how to measure trees with a Biltmore stick. This simple and inexpensive tool can help you estimate the amount of lumber and the value of timber on your land.