Avian Influenza Molecule
Updated: April 7, 2022

On February 25, Dr. Nathaniel Tablante, DVM,  UME, started Avian Influenza Warning Discussion’  (click this title to watch the whole video).

 More recently, on March 23, we held an  “HPAI Q & A” Zoom, with over 200 people, including Maryland’s Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, Joe Bartenfelder and Steve Connelly, members of USDA, and Delaware officials, discussed the most recent   information on where HPAI has hit, rules on manure movement, what is being done, and what the biosecurity measures we should all be doing to keep everyone’s flocks safe.  Georgie Cartanza of University of Delaware’s Cooperative Extension, gave a brief talk at the end of the Zoom on the importance of footwear designated for each poultry house.


The video recording of the March 23 “HPAI Q & A” Zoom is here:


The Notes from this Q & A session can be found and downloaded on the UME Poultry Extension site:  extension.umd.edu  You can find other current information here too.

Also, for your information, the Amended (3/18/2022) Executive Order Restricting Movement of Poultry Litter Generated in Certain Areas of the State  is here.

Helpful Contacts and Information:

Howard Callahan, MDA Nutrient Management, 410-427-9003,  howard.callahan@maryland.gov

Bob Coleman, DDA Nutrient Management, 302-698-4556, nutrient.management@delaware.gov


In Delaware, email Delaware Poultry Health Hotline at  poultry.health@delaware.gov or call 302-698-4507 and provide your contact information, size of flock, location, and concerns.

In Maryland, report any unusual or sudden increases in sick birds to the MDA Animal Health Program at 410-841-5810. Email questions about the outbreak to MD.Birdflu@maryland.gov.

In Virginia, report sick or unusual bird deaths to the State Veterinarian’s Office at 804.692.0601 or vastatevet@vdacs.virginia.gov or through the USDA’s toll-free number, 866-536-7593.