Updated: March 28, 2022

Interested in keeping your local creeks, rivers, and streams clean? Want to be involved in protecting the Chesapeake Bay? Become a leader in your community by training to be a Master Watershed Steward!

Through a comprehensive training program stewards learn to identify factors that impact stream health, educate neighbors about water quality issues, and implement projects that have a meaningful and positive impact on local water resources. The Watersheds Stewards Academy (WSA) is a joint program administered by Harford County Government and University of Maryland Sea Grant Extension.

Teachers can receive 5 MSDE credits for completing the program.

Become a Steward

Harford County partnered with the University of Maryland Extension Office to establish the Harford Streams Watersheds Stewards Academy. Master Watershed Stewards are trained to become community leaders who promote Harford Streams' mission to increase water quality awareness, encourage actions to reduce human impacts to water quality, and engage communities to take actions to improve water quality.

If you would like more information or have further questions email Laura Coste' at wsa@harfordcountymd.gov.

Application Instructions

Please review the Harford County Application Information Sheet and the Harford County Course Schedule before applying. 

You may submit your completed application to Laura Coste’, Department of Public Works, at wsa@harfordcountymd.gov or 212 South Bond Street, 1st. Floor, Bel Air, MD 21014.


Please ask two (2) references to complete the Harford County Reference Form on your behalf and send the form directly to Laura Coste’ at wsa@harfordcountymd.gov or 212 South Bond Street, 1st. Floor, Bel Air, MD 21014.

Tuition Information

The tuition cost for the Harford Streams WSA certification course is $150. Please do not send tuition with application. Payment will be due upon acceptance to the program. A limited number of scholarships are available. Contact Laura Coste' at wsa@harfordcountymd.gov for more information.


Applicants will be contacted for a phone interview shortly after the application deadline.



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