completed simple PVC lightstand

A simple PVC Light stand

Updated: April 15, 2021

Make a simple PVC light stand to grow vegetable, flower, and herb transplants for your garden. The 4-ft. long shop light will illuminate approximately 3.5 sq. ft. of growing area; enough to grow 20-100 transplants depending on spacing and individual cell size.

Materials and cost to build a table-top PVC light stand
(doesn't include a table, soilless media, containers, seeds, etc.)
Costs are
All-season shop light fixture for 32 watt T-8 tubes  (ready to use with power cord and pull switch) $20.00
(2) T-8 tubes; 32 watt  $9.50
10-ft. long, 1 ½ in. diameter pvc pipe    $6.00
(2) 1 ½ in. slip Tee  $2.50
(2) 1 ½ in. 90º elbow  $2.00
(4) 1 ½ in. end caps  $3.00
Extra chain and hooks $4.00
Total  $47.00

It will cost about $9 to operate the shop light from March 15 to June 1: 32 watts x 2 bulbs x 16hrs x
70days = 71.7 kw x $.12/kilowatt-hour = $8.60.

  • Use a marker to divide 10-ft. pipe into seven pieces: (1) 52 in.; (2) 18 in.; (4) 8 in. There will be no waste. Cut the pipe into the seven pieces with a hacksaw.

    10 ft. piece of PCV pipe
  • Here are the seven pieces plus fittings.

    Seven pieces of building material for the light stand
  • Build the ends by pushing two 8-in. pieces (feet) and one of the 18-in. pieces (upright) into one of the “T” fittings. (You can use pvc primer and cement to make a permanent light stand or push the pieces for easy takedown.) Repeat to build the other end.

    light stand PVC elbows
  • Insert the elbows on top of the two uprights and place the four end caps over the ends of the “feet

    light stand PVC elbows
  • Connect the ends by inserting the 52-in. piece into the elbows.

    connecting the longer piece of PCV pipe into the elbows
  • This is the shop light box. It came with a power cord and pull chain.

    shop lights for the PCV light stand
  • T-8 indoor fluorescent tubes (cool) are a good choice. They produce plenty of light and are more energy efficient than older T-12 tubes.

    box of the light bulbs
  • T-8 tubes are only 1-in. in diameter; ½-in. slimmer than older T-12 tubes.

    light stand with the light fixture
  • You can raise and lower your shop light with metal chains and hooks.

    adjusting chain length