Mindfulness is an evidence-based approach that has proven to be an effective tool used in a variety of environments and communities. Current scientific evidence has proven mindfulness to be one of the most effective practices to manage stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction recovery, and improve emotional resiliency. The approach has shown a positive impact on schools, addiction recovery centers, healthcare settings, prisons, or workplaces, the approach has helped numerous individuals on cultivating wellbeing from within. 

The University of Maryland Extension is therefore committed to providing this evidence-based approach to Marylanders. All over the state, mindfulness programs are implemented with a variety of audiences and communities to enhance the educational experience and address mental and physical wellbeing on the same stage.

To learn more about the mindfulness and stress management extension programs in your Maryland community, contact Dhruti Patel, dhrutip@umd.edu.  

Mindfulness is about cultivating present moment awareness without judging. Every human has the capacity of being mindful using their breath and ability to pay attention. These simplistic attributes make mindfulness a universal practice of addressing wellbeing through the internal and self-driven process.

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