What is stormwater runoff?

Stormwater runoff originates during precipitation events when water flows over the ground. Hard surfaces such as streets and rooftops increase runoff by preventing water from soaking into the ground. Water running over these hard surfaces can pick up sediment, chemicals, debris, and toxins which are carried to local streams. These pollutants prevent waterways from being fishable and swimmable.

What can I do to help address stormwater runoff pollution?

Always remember, with stormwater, you want to slow it down and soak it up! 

Do you have flooding issues on your property? The Watershed Team can help you by making suggestions specific to your site through a virtual stormwater site consultation.

Check out some of these common homeowner practices to help address stormwater runoff issues.

Common Homeowner Stormwater Practices

  • Rain Garden

    Rain Gardens

  • Rain Barrel

    Rain Barrels and Cisterns

  • Downspout redirection

    Downspout Redirection

  • Logo of Bay-Wise Crane and Water

    Certified Baywise Landscaping

  • Calvert WSA

    Conversion to Conservation Landscaping

  • Permeable hardscape

    Permeable Hardscapes

  • planting a tree in the yard

    Tree Planting

  • Pet waster station

    Installation of Pet Waste Station