How to grow healthy plants indoors and outdoors in Maryland, how to identify and manage problems while respecting the environment.

  • Flowers

    Annuals & perennials
    Bulbs & groundcovers
    Identify & manage problems

    pansy flowers in bloom
  • Indoor Plants

    Selection & care
    Identify & manage problems

    variety of indoor plants with different foliages
  • Invasive Species

    What are invasive species
    How to identify them
    What to do about them

    invasive oriental bittersweet vines
  • Landscaping

    Landscape planning
    Plant selection & care

    landscape design drawing
  • Lawns

    Start & maintain a lawn
    Lawn challenges & alternatives
    Identify and manage weeds
    Organic lawn care

    house with a small front lawn and gardens
  • Native Plants

    What is a native plant?
    Why you should plant natives
    Recommended native plants

    purple aster flowers and a monarch butterfly
  • Wildlife

    Attracting wildlife, how to identify and manage problems caused by wildlife in the yard and garden

    american robin