What is climate-resilient gardening?

Making our gardens more resilient means improving their ability to adapt to and recover from difficult conditions. Climate change is bringing more variable and extreme weather, flooding, heatwaves, warmer winters, and “false springs.” These changes are happening in Maryland already and have an impact on our gardening environment, plants, wildlife, and human health.

As gardeners, we all can have a positive influence on the green spaces we tend to – whether that’s a yard, a community garden, or a neighborhood tree planting. You can choose practices that mitigate or reduce emissions that contribute to climate change and adapt your garden so that it continues to thrive and be a productive and healthy place of enjoyment as conditions change.

What gardeners can do about climate change

climate friendly gardening brochure
(PDF) Practice Climate-Smart Gardening (#8 Protect the Chesapeake Bay Series) | Maryland Dept. of Agriculture/University of MD Extension

Plant more diversity & native plants

Grow food locally and minimize food waste

Compost food and yard waste

Protect and improve your soil

Manage stormwater and conserve water

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It's warming. It's us. We're sure. It's bad. We can fix it.

Dr. Kimberly Nicholas Associate Professor of Sustainability Science, Lund University