About Annie's Project

In 2008, two extension educators, Shannon Dill and Jenny Rhodes, joined together to bring a new educational program to Maryland. The classes being offered would focus on strengthening women's roles across all areas of agriculture. It would foster problem solving, record keeping, and decision making skills. It was known nationally as Annie's Project

Since 2008, Annie's Project has expanded in the MidAtlantic Region to 14 sites in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia, educating 514 women in agriculture. 


  • Annie's project is designed to empower women in agriculture 
  • Provide information in farm management and build local networks throughout the state
  • The target audience is women with a passion for business, agriculture and involvement in the farm operation

Key Principles

  1. Teach all five areas of agricultural risk: financial, human resources, legal, marketing, and production
  2. Invite local professions to serve as guest instructors where possible
  3. Allocate half of class time to discussion and hands-on activities
  4. Provide unbiased, researched based information
  5. Create a learning environment where mentoring is spontaneous 

Core Values

  1. Safe Harbor - all questions or situations are welcomed for sharing and open discussion
  2. Connection - to each other and to professionals introduced to them in class
  3. Discovery - the moment when something makes sense where before it did not
  4. Guided Intelligence - at any one time there is a woman in the audience who knows more about the subject being presented than the instructor and is willing to share her experience