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Student resources


An interest or passion for science can be the start of many great careers. Find out what jobs are out there in the field of agriculture. 

Over the next five years, college graduates with degrees related to food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, or the environment can expect to see an average of 57,900 job openings annually – for more than the anticipated 35,400 graduates in those fields, the USDA reports.

Read more from a 2016 article published by the Maryland Soybean Board.

Career Videos

Exploring Careers with Max the Sprout

There is more to agriculture than just the farm! Take the agriculture career quiz and explore careers that align with your interests and talents.

Georgia Agriculture Education Website

Access definitions and photos of many agriculture-related careers. PowerPoint files for each career are also provided.

Resource Links

Looking for research sources or just interested to learn more? These links will help you find reliable information about the topics covered by AGsploration.




This searchable database contains more than 30,000 fish species known to science! Also includes fish information sortable by topic, ecosystem, and country as well as statistics, identification keys, and more. An effort of the WorldFish center in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and other partners.

National Aquaculture Association 

Find information about the U.S. aquaculture industry, health and nutrition of farm-raised marine foods, and answers to frequently asked questions about aquaculture.


Beef Cattle

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association – Cattle Learning Center 

Find a variety of articles, information about research, statistics, glossary of terms, and more.

Beef – It’s What’s For Dinner 

Access recipes, tips on shopping for beef, information about beef and your health, and more.


Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay Program 

A myriad of resources about the Chesapeake Bay, including a glossary, discussion of issues surrounding the bay, progress reports on the Bay’s health, a resource library, photos, and much more. The Chesapeake Bay Program is a regional partnership of federal and state agencies, local governments, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions.

Bay Backpack 

This site provides curriculum for teachers, searchable by subject, grade level, keyword, and even alignment to state and national standards. Also provides information on field studies, training, and potential funding sources for environmental education programs.

Dairy Cattle

American Dairy Association - North East

Information about dairy farming in the North East, news stories, nutrition and wellness, how farmers care for their herds and farms. Also presents activities and recipes.

Food Safety 

A wealth of information about keeping foods safe, safe food preparation, food poisoning, recalls, and more. Includes multi-media features including many videos. This site is an effort of the U.S. Government.

Partnership for Food Safety Education 

This site provides a curriculum for all age ranges including student activities, presentations, videos, and more.


2010 Maryland Equine Census 

This most recent version of the Maryland Equine Census provides statistical data about numbers, breeds, locations, and economic factors related to the horse industry in Maryland.

Equine Disease Communication Center

Glossary of equine disease terms.



Maryland Extension Poultry Page

Information relating to the poultry industry in Maryland, along with Commercial Poultry Grower Meeting information.

Penn State Extension 4-H Poultry Site 

This page provides resources for planning and conducting an in-class experience in embryology and then raising and caring for chickens.

Sheep and Goats

Sheep 101 

Learn the basics of sheep, their products, how they are raised, and their contributions to society. An effort of the University of Maryland Extension Small Ruminant Program.

Sheep 201 

A beginner’s guide to raising sheep including information on facilities and equipment, reproduction and breeding, lambing,  health, management, feeds and feeding, predators, environmental stewardship, marketing, and economics. An effort of the University of Maryland Extension Small Ruminant Program.

Maryland Small Ruminant Page

An information portal for sheep and goat producers and anyone else interested in small ruminants. Provides reference tables, PowerPoint presentations, fact sheets, general links, and more. An effort of the University of Maryland Extension Small Ruminant Program.

American Dairy Goat Association – About Dairy Goats

Find information about dairy goat history, products, care and management, and more.



Dig It! The Secrets of Soil

Interactive games, activity sheets, and links to more online resources are provided. This website is an effort of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Interactive Soil Curriculum 

Provides lesson plans, activities, PowerPoints, and even soil quotes and songs. An effort of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Nutrients for Life 

Nutrients for Life provides science-based information on the valuable role fertilizers play in feeding our growing world. Access additional curriculum, interactive games, videos, and more.




Links to a publication, updated yearly, with important facts and figures about soybeans and production in the U.S.


General Links

ACE (Agricultural Careers and Entrepreneurship) Virtual

A resource for K-12 students, prospective students to the University of Maryland - College of Agriculture and Natural Resources focusing on providing information to those interested in pursuing a career in agriculture.

Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities 

The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) is a research and advocacy organization of public research universities, land-grant institutions, and state university systems with member campuses in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia.


Access objective, research-based, and credible information on a variety of agricultural, environmental, and nutrition topics. eXtension is a collaborative effort between Extension professionals across the country.

Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation 

The Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1989 as recommended by a Governor’s Task Force. The Foundation's mission is to promote the understanding and appreciation of the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.

Maryland Department of Agriculture 

Provides information on agribusiness programs, environmentally sound farming practices, land preservation, and crop reports.

USDA – Agriculture in the Classroom 

Agriculture in the Classroom programs are implemented by state-operated programs. USDA Agriculture in the Classroom supports state programs by providing a network that seeks to improve agricultural literacy — awareness, knowledge, and appreciation — among PreK-12 teachers and their students.

University of Maryland Extension 

University of Maryland Extension (UME) is a statewide, non-formal education system within the college of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.