Family and Consumer Sciences in Wicomico County

The University of Maryland Extension Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) program strives to ensure that all Maryland residents are healthy and economically successful at every stage of life through education, research, and outreach programs. We accomplish this by working with youth and families to prevent and manage chronic diseases through healthy food and physical activity choices, handling food safely, teaching financial and health insurance literacy, and creating safe and healthy places to live, work, play, and learn.

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FCS-Nutrition & Wellness Programs

FCS- Wicomico

The Family and Consumer Science (FCS) Nutrition and wellness programs offer research-based information on nutrition, wellness, food preservation, Stress Reduction, Addiction recovery through mindfulness, and technology programs for professionals.

For more information about these programs, contact Lynn Matava at or call 301.226.7713.

FCS- Financial Wellness Programs


Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Financial Wellness programs focus on budgeting, spending, personal financial goals, homeownership, retirement,  fraud, identity theft, repairing damaged credit, and numerous consumer rights and consumer advocacy issues. 

For more information on these programs, contact our Financial Wellness Educator at 410-632-1972. 

SNAP-Ed Nutrition Programs

SNAP-Ed Wicomico

Our Maryland SNAP-Ed program targets individuals and families eligible for SNAP (EBT) and offers resources to help people lead healthy lives through increased food access, improved nutrition quality, and physical activity.   

To learn more about this program, contact SNAP-Ed Educator, Lauren Holfeld, in the Wicomico office at 301.226.7716.

Nutrition and Wellness Programs in Wicomico County

Fresh Conversations for Older Adults

This program offers an array of nutrition, wellness, and health-related topics to older adults at senior centers and sites where they congregate. The sessions are filled with interactive activities, lively discussions, tasting opportunities, and physical activity demonstrations. Each month, participants will receive a vibrantly colored newsletter featuring relevant research-based health information, physical activity tips, mind-stimulating games, easy low-cost recipes, and an area to write down and track goals.

For more information contact, Lynn Matava at or call 301.226.7713. 

DIning with Diabetes Program for Adults (Virtual and In-Person)

Dining with Diabetes is a national Extension program for adults with type 2 diabetes or pre -diabetes and their families that teaches healthy meal planning and other self-management skills to manage this disease. Diet is an essential component of diabetes management along with physical activity, medication, and monitoring. Participants learn how to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals, incorporate physical activity into their lifestyle, and monitor their ‘numbers’.

For more information contact, Lynn Matava at or call 301.226.7713. 

Connect to Wellbeing Program For Older Adults

Connect to Wellbeing program is developed by the University of Maryland Extension for Maryland older adults and their caregivers. It is a telephone-based educational session provided by the university and other professionals to provide an array of topics that can help improve the health of older adults. To participate, simply call the university-provided number and listen to nutrition/wellness sessions as well as receive the Wellbeing newsletters right at home.

For more information contact, Lynn Matava at or call 301.226.7713

Food Preservation Workshops (Canning, Drying, Freezing, and Pickling)

Learn the safer and more scientific ways of canning, drying, and freezing at home with our Family and Consumer Sciences Educator. workshops are available in virtual and in-person (hands-on) formats. Want to participate in our workshops? contact to call 410-749-6141. You can also find information on the workshops on our events page. 

For more information contact, Lynn Matava at or call 301.226.7713

Build Virtual Program That Works! (Virtual program for professionals)

The University of Maryland Extension invites you to participate in the virtual three-session virtual training on creating practical and effective virtual programs. Our program focuses to help educators/professionals learn a formative framework for developing diverse and successful virtual educational programs that resonate with their clientele.

The program does not focus on a technology platform but the theoretical framework that is essential to create before developing any virtual platform.

Who is this training for:

  • Any professional who is 18 years and above
  • A novice or an expert,
  • Professionals who are trying to build a new program or modify existing programs or migrate existing in-person program to the virtual platform

For more information contact, Lynn Matava at or call 301.226.7713

Mindfulness programs for Adults, Professionals, and Addiction

Our educator provides in-depth mindfulness programs on stress reduction, burnout at work, professional training, and addiction recovery. 

For more information contact, Lynn Matava at or call 301.226.7713

Finance Programs in Wicomico County

Youth Finance Programs

Adult Finance Programs