What is a 4-H project?

A 4-H project is the foundation for learning.  Projects are designed so individuals can progress at their own pace through learning experiences in animal science, human science and environmental science.

Some project examples are Small Pets, Large Animals, Leadership, Robotics, Environmental and Marksmanship. Clovers Members DO NOT need to submit a record book. Pages specific to their interests or projects from the Clover Bud file are all they need to turn in for credit.  

Use this to help put together your record book: 4-H Record Book Fact Sheet

The link provided is to the State 4-H Website. Look for Maryland Summary Record and Project Record Sheet. https://extension.umd.edu/4-h/youth-families/4-h-youth-forms-and-resources

Animal Project Record Sheets

Diamond Clover Award

Diamond Clover Awards are designed to encourage 4-H members ages 8 to 18 to engage in a variety of projects and activities that will enable them to acquire the skills necessary to lead successful lives as competent, caring and contributing members of society.

Things to Keep in Mind:

1. The Diamond Clover Award is designed for younger youth to begin at Level One and progress through six levels, one level per year, acquiring valuable life skills as he/she advances. Youth who are older when joining 4-H, may begin at a higher level (one through four) if mutually agreeable to the participant and the club/group leader with the permission of the 4-H Educator. It is recommended that 4-H member have completed one year in the 4-H program before starting the Diamond Clover program.

2. Youth meeting the requirements of levels one through four will be recognized at a 4-H County/City event. Youth meeting the requirements of level five and six will be recognized at an appropriate state event.

3. Diamond Clover Level Six Service Project Plan approval is not automatic. A youth must apply for Diamond Clover Level Six Service Project approval using the appropriate plan/report form due at the state level September 30th. (https://extension.umd.edu/4-h/youth-families/diamond-clover-awards-and-scholarships) DO NOT START PROJECT UNTIL APPROVAL IS RECEIVED FROM STATE 4-H OFFICE.

4. Diamond Clover Level Six Recognition is not automatic. A youth must submit all completed materials for recognition by September 30th to the State 4-H Office the year the project is complete. If appropriate guidelines are not followed, the project will not be recognized. All dates must be clearly adhered to for recognition.

5. Maryland 4-H defines leadership as the process of including others to accomplish a common goal by providing purpose, direction and motivation, while providing programs, activities and opportunities to allow youth to achieve and demonstrate knowledge and mastery of leadership.

For all Diamond Clover Forms and additional information click here