The Maryland Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a nutrition education program that targets individuals and families who receive SNAP (EBT) benefits.

SNAP-Ed educators offer:

  • Classroom-based, in-person nutrition education for youth, which features tastings and food preparation opportunities.

  • Face-to-face education for parents/caregivers to encourage healthy role modeling and healthy food preparation at home.

  • Onsite gardens and gardening for nutrition programs, which encourage the use of locally-produced foods for tastings, snacks, and meals.

  • Training for staff and volunteers at standalone and school-based food assistance sites to provide healthy food options, package healthy choices to make nutritious meals, assist clients in selecting healthy choices, procure healthy foods to distribute, and motivate pantry managers to become healthy food champions for their site.

Amy Callahan, Project Leader & Nutrition Educator

Karen Turner, Nutrition Educator

Michelle Gutberlet, Nutrition Educator

Anita Thomas, Nutrition Educator

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Snap-Ed Resources

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    EAT SMART-Healthy Eating, Nutrition and Physical Activity

  • Canned and shelf stable foods that you would find in a home pantry.


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