Educate Ourselves to Educate
Our Community on
Basic Economics/Finance

University of Maryland Extension financial management programs teach youth and adults essential skills to budget and manage their money prudently, minimize spending, maximize saving, reduce debt, manage and improve credit, prevent identity theft and investing in the future.

Finance Education

Examples of some of our popular topics:

  • Housing Eviction Prevention Education
  • K12 Financial Literacy
  • Family Finance and Professional Development Seminars
  • Housing Residence Coordinators, Human Services, Case/Social Workers 
  • Entrepreneurship-Small Business Startup/Ownership-Inmates and Ex-Offenders
  • Risk Management Education

Any questions,
please contact Michael Elonge

2024 Training Programs

Registration confirmation and updates will
be emailed weekly to all who registered
prior to each training date.

Zoom link will be emailed to all who
register two days prior to 
each training date.

Community Education Partners:
Housing Authority of Baltimore City
Support Services (HABC)
Maryland State Department of Housing & Community Development
Office of Community Engagement & Sponsorships (DHC)