children proudly showing harvested crops from their garden

Photo: S. Harvery

Updated: February 20, 2023

Gardening isn't just for adults!  According to the National Gardening Association, "it boosts kids' interest in school and learning, improves their attitudes about eating healthful foods and caring for the environment, helps them develop social skills and self-esteem, and gives them a feeling of community spirit." 

Use the following resources to develop and support youth gardening

University of Maryland Extension SNAP-ED- School Gardens | a set of resources developed and compiled by the Gardening for Nutrition component of SNAP-ED in Maryland. Gardening curricula and lesson plans, including the nationally-recognized Growing Healthy Habits, can be accessed by clicking "Lessons and Resources".

University of Maryland Extension (PDF) Food Safety in the School Garden | provides common-sense guidelines for the safe handling of foods grown in school gardens, classrooms, and greenhouses. Keeping foods free from pathogens, and maintaining safety for children and teachers working in these environments.

Container Vegetable Gardening | A simple and fun way to grow edible crops in just about any situation.

Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors | Grow microgreens and healthy vegetable transplants.

U.S. Botanic Garden | (PDF) Greenhouse Manual: An Introductory Guide for Educators 

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