Wednesday Water Webinars Recorded
Updated: July 29, 2021

Prolonging the Life of Your Septic System - 7/2021

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Water Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CEC's) - 6/2021

Upgrading to Best Available Technology (BAT) Septic System - 5/2021

Water Gardens and Management - 4/2021

Pond Management Basics - 3/2021

The basics of pond ecology and water quality are presented with the goal of providing pond owners an understanding of the pond ecosystem and practices to help maintain good water quality. In addition, strategies for managing ponds for varied uses, e.g. fishing, swimming, and irrigation are covered. 

All This Rain – Does It Harm My Septic System? - 2/2021

This webinar presents basic hydraulic capacity and design flow of a septic system and how excessive surface water may negatively affect the efficiency of the system and potential harm to the system and environment. 

​​​​​​​Landscaping a Septic System - 1/2021

Whether it be a sand mound drainfield or the maintenance access ports to a septic tank or BAT unit, homeowners often wish they could camouflage these to make their yards more aesthetically pleasing. This webinar covers considerations, options and specific plants and practices to use.

Salty Roads – Salty Drinking Water? - 12/2020

The connection of road salts for deicing and its impact on ground and surface water quality are presented. In addition to potential increased water corrosion and the impact to home appliances, there are several important potential water quality related health risks including elevated sodium, heavy metals and radionuclides caused by road salts.

My New Home Has A Septic System–What Do I Do Now?-11/2020

Have you been used to public sewer in previous homes and now you wonder what a septic system is?  A summary of septic system function and types are presented. Key maintenance practices to keep the system operating effectively, prolong it life while protecting human and environmental health are shared.  

​​​​​​​Drinking Water Treatment - 10/2020

Does your water need to be treated? If so, this webinar explains common water problems, the options of filters and filtration systems, their operation and maintenance to ensure you have safe and good quality water for drinking.

​​​​​​​You Are What You Drink - Testing Your Well Water - 9/2020

The importance of water as a key nutrient for human health and the varied water sources (public and private wells) and their quality are presented. Additionally a summary of recommended water testing practices are shared. 

​​​​​​​Groundwater Stewardship - 8/2020

This webinar reviews the basics of groundwater, influence of geology, the hydrologic cycle, groundwater flow, connectivity to surface waters, types of aquifers, groundwater quality and stewardship practices to protect this valuable resource.