Wednesday Water Webinar
Updated: January 3, 2024

University of Maryland Extension will be hosting monthly webinars on various water quality related topics. Join Andrew Lazur, Water Quality Specialist, as he dives into water topics that affect us all. These webinars will take place via Zoom on the dates shown below, allowing time for Q & A at the end. 

On scheduled Wednesdays (below) from 12:00- 12:40 PM


Basic Tips to Maintain a Septic System – January, 17, 2024
A septic system is the most expensive appliance or system in a home! Maintenance is essential for the system to effectively process and treat the wastewater, and will help save you money.
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You Are What You Drink – The Health Importance of Good Quality Water - February 21, 2024
Our bodies are made up of over 60% water which supports vital functions and maintain health. The quality of water we drink is important and this webinar will discuss key steps to ensure good drinking water quality.
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Answering Your Questions About Septic Systems – March 20, 2024
Got any questions on your septic system? This webinar will provide answers to your questions that you submit during registration, and will also address other common questions that people ask.
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Microplastics – Concerns and What Can We Do About Them – April 10, 2024
Plastics are everywhere and can contaminate surface and ground water used for drinking. We will discuss risks to people and the environment and what we can do.
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Financial Assistance for Septic Systems and Wells – May 15, 2024
There are several financial assistance programs including grants and low interest loans available to qualifying homeowners for repairs to their private well or septic system. This webinar will discuss those programs.
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Stains and Stinks of Drinking Water – June 19, 2024
Well water can sometimes have unpleasant issues such as odors, colors or off tastes. We will describe common causes and treatment recommendations.
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Don’t Just Flush and Forget – Basic Care for Your Septic System - July 17, 2024
A septic system provides a valuable service to a home and needs periodic attention or maintenance. This webinar will discuss basic practices to keep your system functioning.
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Pond Management Tips - August 21, 2024
Warmer water temperatures may create additional concern for ponds and water quality. Excessive aquatic plant growth, and low oxygen are a few examples. This webinar will present basic pond management principles and practices to keep ponds healthy.
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Drinking Water Contaminants - September 18, 2024
Both public and private well water supplies may contain minerals, metals, etc. that can cause either aesthetic or health concerns. In this webinar, common contaminants and their treatment will be presented.
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Alternative and Innovative Septic Systems - October 16, 2024
For home sites that present challenges to the design and operation of a septic system, such as high-water table, poor soils, and small lots, there are several tools designers may be able to employ to allow for a septic system. Options will be discussed in this webinar.
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Drinking Water – to Filter or Not Filter - November 20, 2024
Whether it be an unpleasant smell, scale, or a health risk contaminant, fortunately there are numerous water filtration units to effectively treat these contaminants. This webinar will present options for homeowners to treat their drinking water.
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Impacts of Deicing Salt on Water Quality - December 18, 2024
The negative impacts of deicing salts on the environment, road infrastructure, cars, and home appliances, and drinking water quality can be significant. An overview of these impacts with emphasis on drinking water, and recommendations will be presented.
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