Wednesday Water Webinar
Updated: May 2, 2022

University of Maryland Extension will be hosting monthly webinars on various water quality related topics. Join Andrew Lazur, Water Quality Specialist, as he dives into water topics that affect us all. These webinars will take place via Zoom on the dates shown below, allowing time for Q & A at the end. 

On scheduled Wednesdays (below) from 12:00- 12:40 PM


How a Septic System Works - May 18, 2022
Your septic system is the most expensive appliance or mechanical device in your home. Understanding how it works can help you keeping it operating effectively for many years saving you money and protecting both environmental and public health. This webinar will provide the basics of how the various types of septic systems (conventional, mound and advanced treatment or best available technology) work.  
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Aquatic Plant Management in Ponds - June 15, 2022
Ponds are valuable resources providing many uses including recreation, wildlife habitat, irrigation, stormwater management. Aquatic plants can aid in keep the pond ecosystem healthy. However, with excess nutrients plant populations can become over abundant and interfere with desired uses of the pond. This webinar will discuss the dynamics of a pond ecosystem, types of plant issues and management strategies to keep plant populations in a healthy balance.  
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Groundwater and its Protection – July 20, 2022
Over 33% of Americans rely on groundwater for their drinking water, making it a critical resource worthy of protection. Not often thought about, groundwater is actually connected to the surface waters we see and use. Therefore, certain land use practices can potentially affect both of these water resources. This webinar increase awareness of groundwater, its quality, and how each of us can be better stewards of this valuable water supply. 
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Top Tips to Care for Your Septic System – August 17, 2022
Keeping your septic system operating effectively is relatively easy to do, can save you money, and helps protect the environment. There are few basics tips to follow that will help prolong the life of your system. This webinar describes what you can do. 
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Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Drinking Water – September 21, 2022
With the wide variety of personal care and other home products we use on a daily basis, many of these can enter our water supplies and potentially contaminate our drinking water. This webinar will review the different types of contaminants, associated health risks, and what we can do to reduce those risks including treatment options. 
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Things New Homeowners Need to Know About Their Septic System – October 19, 2022
Being a first time homeowner is exciting, but can be a bit daunting if you are not used to the technical or mechanical needs of a home. This is especially true of a septic system, since they are not visible and often thought about. This webinar will help to take the mystery out of septic systems and provide basic considerations of how a septic works and how to maintain it. 
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Causes of Stains, Spots and Smell in Drinking Water – November 16, 2022
Do you notice unusual stains on your plumbing fixtures, spots on your dishes or appliances, or a funny smell from your water? If so, this webinar will cover the causes of these issues and discuss possible remedies. 
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Winter Care for a Septic System - December 14, 2022
A key process of wastewater treatment in a septic system relies on beneficial bacteria to help breakdown the waste. These bacteria tend to work best in warmer water. So how do septic systems operate in winter, and is there special care that is recommended during colder months? This webinar will discuss a few practices that homeowners can do to help keep their system working well throughout winter.  
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Smart Use of Deicing Salts– January 18, 2023
Salt is an effective deicing tool to keep our roads, driveways and sidewalks safer during winter. However, salt is negatively affecting our streams, rivers and groundwater quality. How can homeowners responsibly use salt to deice steps and sidewalks? Several easy stewardship practices will be discussed.  
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Upgrading Your Septic System to Best Available Technology - February 15, 2023
Have an older septic tank, or one that is leaking and needs replacement? Join this webinar to learn more about the Maryland Bay Restoration Fund grant program to help replace septic tanks with advanced treatment units or best available technology (BAT). The increased treatment and nitrogen reduction and operation of these systems, as well as the grant program and application process, will be discussed in this webinar. 
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Basic Tips for Managing Ponds- March 15, 2023
Ponds are a dynamic ecosystem involving numerous biological and chemical processes working together to maintain the variety of living organisms in a healthy condition. Sometimes things can get out of balance however, requiring some management interventions. Fish kills or excessive aquatic plant growth are examples. This webinar will discuss common problems that can occur in ponds and what practices there are to resolve and reduce the risk of these issues. 
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Ensuring Safe Water by Well Testing – April 19, 2023
We are what we drink – so ensuring that our well water is safe and of good quality makes good health sense. Since private wells are not regulated as public water sources are, it is up to the well owner to test the water, and treat if necessary. This webinar cover the basics of the how, what, and when to have well water quality tested. 
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