Wednesday Water Webinar
Updated: August 23, 2021

University of Maryland Extension will be hosting monthly webinars on various water quality related topics. Join Andrew Lazur, Water Quality Specialist, as he dives into water topics that affect us all. These webinars will take place via Zoom on the dates shown below, allowing time for Q & A at the end. 

On scheduled Wednesdays (below) from 12:00- 12:40 PM


Is Lead in My Drinking Water – August 18, 2021
Concerned about lead possibly being in your water? This webinar will present how lead gets into water, what the health risks are, how to test your water, and treat it to ensure your water is safe to drink.
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Top Things to Know about Septic Systems - September 15, 2021
Your septic system is the most expensive appliance in your home and provides significant value. This webinar will discuss various keys aspects of a septic system to a home including service provided, costs and value, and protection of environmental and public health. 
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Drinking Water Treatment 101 – October 20, 2021
Want to know how to treat your water to ensure it is safe and good quality? This webinar will cover the basics of water treatment including public water supply and private wells and options of filtration and application in your home.
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Types of Septic Systems – November 17, 2021
Not sure what type of septic system you have or if you do, how it works? The various systems used for home wastewater treatment including conventional systems, advanced technology or BAT units, and drainfield technologies will be discussed. 
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Top Contaminants in Well Water – December 15, 2021
You may have heard of lead toxicity issues in drinking water, but there numerous other potential contaminants that can cause health issues. This webinar will present the major contaminants found in drinking water, both public and private well sources. Among these are arsenic, bacteria, chloride, copper, lead, iron, manganese, radium, total dissolved solids, and various contaminants of emerging concern.
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Warning Signs that a Septic System is not Working Effectively – January 19, 2022
How can you tell if your system is losing its effectiveness and approaching the end of its life expectancy? In addition, how can these signs guide you to help maintain its function? This webinar will present various signs or signals that your system is not working, as it should and what are possible remedies/practices.
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Corrosive Water Impact on Water Quality, Plumbing, and Appliances – February 16, 2022
Ever wonder why you have to replace appliance such as water heaters, dishwashers or clothes washer more frequently than anticipated. Corrosive water may be the cause. This webinar will discuss characteristics of corrosive water and what you can do to reduce the impacts.
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Septic System Maintenance – March 16, 2022
Repairs or replacement of a drainfield or entire septic system are expensive! Maintaining a system is actually relatively simple and much less costly than repairs. The top maintenance practices will be presented to help you protect you investment and keep your system working longer.
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Simple Steps to Protect your Water Well – April 20, 2022
Your drinking water well is a valuable asset to your home and your health. Following basic care practices of your well and wellhead can help reduce risks of bacterial and chemical contamination. This webinar will cover the basics of how to care for a well including homeowner tips and when to contact a well professional.  
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