Updated: March 24, 2023

How to manage stormwater in the Chesapeake Bay region

The Home and Garden Information Center has gathered useful resources to help manage stormwater, ponding, poor drainage, sinkhole, water run-off, soil erosion, and basement flooding issues. For problems with excess water on a property, check with the Watershed Stewards, other appropriate non-profit organizations, and county agencies for assistance. Also, contact your county Soil Conservation District (SCD). SCD offices vary somewhat in the services and resources available to assist homeowners. In some cases, they may perform a site visit and provide a written report that includes suggested actions.

Water issues may be complicated to diagnose and difficult to rectify. You may need the professional advice and services offered by landscape contractors, maintenance companies, and basement waterproofing companies depending on the problem.

    Flexible tubing diverting water from downspouts to be absorbed in yard

    Stormwater management

    The three principles to managing stormwater on your property are "slow it down, spread it out, and soak it in." 

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