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Updated: April 7, 2022
By Jonathan Moyle , Jennifer Rhodes , Tom Tabler , and Stephen Collier

Poultry Farm Electrical Safety:  Know How to Recognize and Prevent Potential Hazards

Poultry farmers work with many different types of electrical equipment daily. Harsh environments inside and outside the poultry house can affect the safety of electrical equipment and create hazards. Growers need to take steps to prevent electrical injury, including only using properly grounded equipment, keeping electrical panel free of dust and debris, and looking for problems with equipment and cords.  This publication provides guidelines for poultry farmers to follow to avoid electrical hazards. 

Poultry Growers Electrical Farm Safety Workshop/Webinar 

Bill Brown:  In Memoriam

Safety Hazards in the Poultry Environment

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Farm Electrical Safety Review

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Electrocution & Fire Hazards Outside the Poultry House

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Poultry Farm Electrical Safety: Know How to Recognize and Prevent Potential Hazards

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