dollar spot disease in zoysia

Dollar spot hourglass lesions on Kentucky bluegrass grass blades
Photo: Kevin Mathias,

Updated: March 1, 2023

Dollar spot is a fungal disease of turfgrasses in Maryland throughout the growing season.  Dollar spot affects all species of turfgrass grown in Maryland but most often found on Kentucky bluegrass. Can also infect zoysiagrass. Tall fescue appears to be resistant.


Hourglass-shaped lesions, extending across the blade with whitened centers and dark borders. Produces numerous two - six-inch spots.

whitened leaf spots caused by Dollar spot diseases on Kentucky bluegrass
Dollar spot on Kentucky bluegrass lawn
Photo: Ward Upham, Kansas State University,

Conditions favoring disease

  1. Occurs late spring through fall. Causes most damage in June-July.
  2. Usually more prevalent on under-fertilized turf.
  3. Drought, thatch, and compacted soil increase disease susceptibility.


  1. Follow recommended fertilizer schedule.
  2. Aerate and eliminate thatch in the lawn.