Updated: May 11, 2022

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Could Ghost Forests Benefit Birds?

Ghost forest at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by USFWS.
Blackwater NWR. Photo by US Fish & Wildlife Service.

The expansion of “ghost forests” along Maryland’s coastlines has challenged property owners and land managers alike. Last October, these were highlighted during our Woodland Wildlife Wednesday webinar (available here). Experts are now speculating that these areas may now provide unexpected benefits for certain species of birds.

Read more about this topic in this article from Audubon.

Ten Reasons People Get Lost in the Woods

Two hikers entering the woods
Two hikers entering the woods.

Anyone who has worked in a land management agency can share stories of individuals who have gotten lost. This article, originally published in Outdoor Life, documents  how getting lost happens, even in our increasingly-connected world, shares a variety of interesting tidbits about search and rescue efforts, and offers ways to avoid becoming a statistic.

Read the full article here.

Jonathan Kays Interviewed for Voice of America

Screenshot of Jonathan Kays on Voice of America
Screenshot from Voice of America video featuring Jonathan Kays.

University of Maryland Extension Forester Jonathan Kays was recently interviewed by Voice of America for its VOA Connect series. Episode 210, entitled “Sustainable Lifestyle,” features individuals “who are creating a healthier life for themselves and the environment.”

In his segment, called “Forensic Forestry,” Kays walks through the woods at the Western Maryland Research & Education Center and shares his views on ways to read the forest and to keep woodlands healthy.

Watch Kays’ segment on our YouTube channel here. Watch the full episode on Voice of America here.

New MDOT Urban Tree Grant Program

Construction projects, particularly those related to transportation (such as mass transit or road expansion) often result in the loss of trees on both public and private land. The Maryland Dept. of Transportation (MDOT) has announced a grant program that can assist with the cost of replacing lost trees.

The program is coordinated by the Maryland Urban and Community Forestry Committee, a subcommittee of the state Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards. Groups may apply for up to $5,000 to mitigate the cost of replacing trees lost to transportation projects.

The next deadline for grant applications is July 15, 2022. Contact your local Forestry Board office for more information and assistance. A full contact list is available at http://www.marylandforestryboards.org/downloads/Chairs%20&%20Secretaries%20with%20websites.pdf

Branching Out, Vol. 30, no. 1 (Winter 2022)

Branching Out is the free, quarterly newsletter of the Woodland Stewardship Education program. For more than 25 years, Branching Out has kept Maryland woodland owners and managers informed about ways to develop and enhance their natural areas, how to identify and control invasive plants and insects, and about news and regional online and in-person events.