Volunteer Financial Mentor Training

Who are Master Money Mentors?

University of Maryland Extension Master Money Mentors are volunteers who  work one-on-one with individuals to help them improve or develop financial goals and basic money management. Master Money Mentors can also serve the community by providing group financial education classes and participating in community outreach events.

The University of Maryland Extension Master Money Mentor Volunteer Training Program is for individuals who wish to sharpen their own financial skills and empower others to build strong financial foundations. 


The purpose of the UME Master Money Mentors Training Program is to train volunteers who will assist local individuals and families in acquiring valuable financial management knowledge and skills to build their financial capacity and stability.

Want to become a UME Master Money Mentor?

You do not need any prior experience to become a Master Money Mentor. Mentor applicants receive approximately 20 hours of intensive training.  The first part of the training covers basic money management topics including: 

  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Creating a Spending Plan or Budget
  • Building Savings
  • Debt Management Strategies
  • Understanding Credit and Credit Reports

The remainder of the Master Money Mentor course provides training on:

  • Mentor Communication Skills
  • Financial Mentoring Strategies
  • Using Financial Resources and Tools
  • Volunteer Mentor Ethics and Responsibilities


What are the Volunteer Commitments?

Prospective Master Money Mentors must complete an application, an interview, and  background check.  They must also complete all training modules and successfully pass an open note exam, and sign an ethics agreement. 

Once certified, UME Master Money Mentors agree to complete 15 volunteer hours annually in financial mentoring, financial education, or community outreach events. 6 hours of continuing education is also expected every 2 years.


Events and Classes

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