Wildlife Management Course Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll?

Anyone.  This is a great course for someone who has an interest in wildlife and wildlife management.  You don’t have to own property to participate but you do need somewhere to conduct the field work. Although the course targets Maryland landowners and several chapters focus on Maryland, the concepts apply across North America.  

Are there any prerequisites?

No. However, you will need access to property as some assignments, such as plant identification, measuring tree diameters and heights, estimating cover and more are outdoor activities. Furthermore, you will need access to property for designing the framework of a wildlife management plan, a course requirement. If you do not own property, you can use public property such as a park or a friend's land. 

When is the course offered?

The Wildlife Management Course is offered in the spring (February 1-May 15).  Registration for the Spring 2021 semester opens November 1, 2020.

How much does the course cost?

The registration fee is $150.00.  The registration fee covers all the materials needed for the course, including: text and appendices; lesson quizzes; supplemental readings entitled Wildlife and Timber from Private Lands: A Landowner’s Guide to Planning and Common Native Trees of Virginia Tree Identification Guide.

Do you accept credit cards?

Credit cards are accepted for payment of the registration fee. To pay the registration fee by credit card, please visit https://2021wildlifecourse.eventbrite.com or contact Taylor Robinson at (410) 827-8056, ext. 135 or by email at taylormr@umd.edu.

Where do I send the registration fee when enrolling by mail?

You can print the mail-in registration form or provide your name, mailing address, delivery address if PO Box, email address, and phone number. Please mail the registration form, along with your registration fee made out to University of Maryland, to:

                  Wildlife Management Online Course
                  Attn: Taylor Robinson
                  University of Maryland Extension
                  Wye Research and Education Center
                  124 Wye Narrows Drive
                  Queenstown, MD  21658

For more information on course registration, refer to Course Registration Information.

What information is covered by the course?

This is a basic wildlife management course and, as such, covers the many aspects of wildlife. Some of the subjects discussed are: ecological concepts, predator-prey relationships, biodiversity, hazards and diseases, habitat assessment techniques, managing forests for wildlife and much more.

How is the information presented?

The course presents information electronically. The text consists of 28 lessons divided into five units.  Over 70 resources are provided in the appendices. 

The course has a quiz following each lesson.  Answers to the lesson quizzes are submitted electronically.  There is also a discussion board.  Students will receive a flash drive of the course materials, for use as a reference after the course has ended.

How long does the course take to complete?

Participants are encouraged to complete the course work in approximately four months.

How long does it take to complete a unit?

Every unit is unique and completion time depends upon many variables. Each unit consists of two to ten lessons, and one lesson may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to read. You may spend an hour on additional reading assignments. Some assignments require outside work, and the time needed to complete these assignments will depend upon prior experience identifying plant species or using forest inventory techniques. For more detail, refer to Course Information.

How do I know if I am falling behind or when to return my answers?

A schedule is provided for submitting the answers to the unit questions. Participants are given approximately two to three weeks to read a unit, answer the questions, and submit the answers.  The instructor corresponds with participants every few weeks to remind them of upcoming deadlines and to provide them with contact information.  Participants can also contact the instructor anytime they have questions or concerns.  Refer to What if I need help? located below.

Can you earn college credit for this course?

No. This is a non-credit course. Quizzes are not graded, but checked for accuracy. Upon completing the work successfully, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Who sponsors the Wildlife Management Online Course?

The course is sponsored by University of Maryland Extension.

Are there classes held at a university or other location?

No. There are no formal classes. Participants work from the convenience of their home and correspond with the instructor through the postal service, electronic mail, telephone, or some other delivery service.

What if I need help? Where do I get assistance?

The instructor is available to answer questions, check your answers for accuracy, and provide comments and guidance.  The instructor is also available by phone, mail, or email. Feel free to contact the instructor anytime you have questions or concerns.

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Can I get the materials for future reference?

Students receive a USB flash drive that has the Wildlife Management Course text as well as the appendices. The Discussion Board posts are not included. Students will receive the flash drive at the end of the course.

Where can I get more information about UME or the Wildlife Management Course?

Log onto University of Maryland Extension web site at http://extension.umd.edu, phone Nancy Stewart at 410-827-8056, ext. 107, or email Nancy at nstewar1@umd.edu.