Equine Studies at UMD

Love horses? Considering a career involving or working with horses? Seeking a program that is a cut above the rest? Interested in an exciting major that will prepare you for a real-world career? 

Equine Studies offers hands-on learning opportunities in the area of equine science and management. The Department of Animal and Avian Sciences at the University of Maryland offers undergraduate students the opportunity to emphasize on horses while pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. Students may take equine courses that explore a wide range of topics including anatomy and physiology, nutrition, reproduction, exercise, law, insurance, facilities, health and disease, pasture management, and more. Our courses are designed to provide valuable hands-on learning experiences to better prepare students to be future leaders in the horse industry as well as other industries. 

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Looking back on it, the most important thing about the equine programs was how much I learned.

Kelsey Blocker (ANSC '14)