Kent County Extension Office strives to meet the needs of our tri-county families (Cecil, Kent and Queen Anne's) in improving diet and health and building and sustaining their families.  The program offers a variety of educational resources to improve life skills.  These programs are offered by UME, often in collaboration with other county agencies and organizations. If you have more questions regarding school nutrition, group nutrition education programs for adults and seniors, food safety, canning and food preservation, please feel free to contact us.

Food plays an important role in our lives. It provides sustenance and pleasure and has a significant impact on our health and well-being. FCS Educators are committed to helping people make informed decisions about their own health and well-being, and using information to promote positive behavioral practices, leading to reduced health risk factors over time.

FCS Educators provide programs in topics such as food safely and preventing food-borne illness, food preservation, and nutrition education for youth and adults. These programs are developed and delivered in collaboration with community organizations, public schools, church groups, senior centers and more. If you are interested in bringing a health and wellness program to your group or organization, please contact us! 

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