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Animal Science Forms

Horse & Dog Identification Cards

Horse ID Card 

If you are planning to show or participate in any horse show events during the year, you need to register your horse with your local 4-H Office by completing a Maryland 4-H Club Horse & Pony Identification Card. File with the Harford County 4-H Office one card for each horse by May 1 of the current year. 

Dog ID Card

If you are planning to show or participate in any dog show events during the year, you need to register your dog with your local 4-H Office by completing a Maryland 4-H Dog  Identification Card. File with the Harford County 4-H Office one card for each dog by May 1 of the current year.

Leasing Program

Animal Lease Release Form

The Animal Lease Release form must accompany either the Breeding or Performance Animal Lease form below. Leasing agreements are due May 1 of the current year with the Harford County 4-H Office.

Breeding Animal Lease Guidelines 

The Maryland 4-H Breeding Animal Lease Program is applicable to registered breeding stock of the following 4-H projects:  beef, dairy, sheep, swine and goats (dairy & meat).

Performance Animal Lease Guidelines

The Maryland 4-H Performance Animal Lease Program is applicable to performance animals of the following 4-H projects:  horses, dogs, alpacas, llamas & pack goats.

Animal Husbandry & Quality Assurance Program

AHQA Training

The site will open in April and remain open through mid August.  Completion of this program is required to show your project animal(s) in County and State 4-H Shows. The deadline to complete the training is July 15 for Harford County 4-H members. For further details:  Program Guidelines and Tips.

Self-Certification Forms

Self-certification forms are required to accompany animals at exhibitions. They must be completed and signed by the exhibitor within 24 hours of the start of the exhibition. Forms are available online for livestock, equine, poultry and rabbits on the MD Department of Agriculture website:  https://mda.maryland.gov/AnimalHealth/Pages/Fairs-Shows.aspx

Camp Counselors

Camp Counselor applications for the 2023 Harford County 4-H Camping season are being accepted until February 1, 2023. Applications and Recommendation forms may be submitted via email to Marylisa Schaedel, 4-H Agent Associate, at mschaede@umd.edu or mailed to the 4-H Office, 3525 Conowingo Road, Suite 600, Street, MD 21154.

Teens must be 14 years old as of June 1, 2023, in order to be a Counselor in Training (CIT).

Counselor in Training (CIT) Application                       

Returning Camp Counselor Application

Camp Counselor Recommendation Form


Welcome to the 2023 Harford County 4-H Camping season! Exciting residential and day camp programs are planned that will help you, as a camper, learn new things, meet new people and make new friends. Trained adult staff and teen leaders are anxious to help youth learn and grow in a safe environment.

Registration, Health & Code of Conduct forms and fees are due May 1, 2023. 

Clover 4-H Day Camp

Junior 4-H Camp 

    Intermediate 4-H Camp

    Diamond Clover


    4-H diamond clover pins


    The Diamond Clover Award Program engages 4-H youth in a variety of projects and activities that will enable them to acquire skills related to leadership, community service, civic engagement and advocacy. The award consists of six levels that require a 4-H member to plan and accomplish a broad range of age-appropriate goals with supportive volunteers and community members. The Diamond Clover Project is one-way 4-H youth can make a lasting difference in their community. 

    Diamond Clover - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    The first five levels are listed below. Click on the Word file to begin the process for the level that you are on. Starting with Level One and working your way up each year. The first five levels are submitted to the Harford County 4-H Office.

    Level One Plan and Report/ Word Version - Click HERE
    Level Two Plan and Report/ Word Version - Click HERE
    Level Three Plan and Report/ Word Version - Click HERE
    Level Four Plan and Report/ Word Version - Click HERE
    Level Five Plan and Report/ Word Version - Click HERE

    Diamond Clover - Level 6 Information

    Diamond Clover – Level 6 applications are due to the state 4-H Office by September 30. Your local program Educator and Diamond Clover Advisory Committee will need to review your proposal before you submit your proposal to the PORTAL below.  After your Educator approves your proposal, download all documents, fill in all information, then upload them to the Portal below.

    Level Six Service Learning Project Proposal Form (Word Version HERE) - This is your planning document and your proposal form.


    Submit PROPOSAL Documents to this portal ONLY. Final project reports are to be submitted to the portal below. ALL documents must be uploaded into the PORTAL to be considered submitted. If you are having problems uploading, please consult your County/City 4-H Office for assistance.

    Separate Diamond Clover Level 6 into 2 boxes. 1st box is for Proposals and 2nd box is for Final Reports.

    Once you have completed your approved Diamond Clover Project and you have received all appropriate signatures on the final report cover page, submit your Diamond Clover level 6 report pdf and Word Version and support materials by September 30 in the Portal link below.


    Diamond Clover Level 6 Final Report Requirements:  

    1. Level 6 Diamond Clover Final Report Cover Page with appropriate signatures included
    2.  Project Logs – The Financial & Work Logs used throughout the project which are located on the last pages of the proposal document.
    3. Summary/Reflection – 2- to 4-page synopsis of your project including the following information:
    • brief description of your project and the need it addressed
    • what you learned and accomplished
    • any changes you would make if you did the project again
    • any challenges you faced and how you overcame them
    • the plan for sustainability
    • educational/promotional efforts
    • description of the most important life skills you learned and applied as you worked on the different stages of your project
    • Note: this is one complete essay. It should have continuous flow.
    1. MD 4-H Gala Write-Up – A synopsis of your overall project that may be read (2 minutes or less) at the Maryland 4-H Gala. You may use information from the Overview Section of your proposal or the Summary/Reflection (see above). This write-up should be written in first person “I chose to…An obstacle I overcame was…” etc.
    2. Photos – Any photos that document your project, if applicable
    3. Public Relations – Examples of social media, news articles, or other sources that document recognition of your project, if applicable

    If appropriate guidelines are not followed, project will not be recognized. All dates must be observed to achieve recognition.

    Harford County Farm Fair

    2022 Harford County Farm Fair

    Please refer to the 4-H Catalog for department rules, classes and exhibit descriptions. 

    The Fair Schedule has undergone many revisions; here is the most current version of the schedule.

    • The online entry system for the 2022 Harford County Farm Fair will be accepting entries until 11:59 pm on Monday, June 20, 2022. All entries (indoor and outdoor), including Clovers, will be entered online this year.
    • The online entry link is:   https://harford.fairwire.com/
      • Click Register in the upper left side of the screen.
      • Write down your password!!
      • Print your confirmation screen!! The software DOES NOT send an email confirmation.

    There have been several contests added since the catalog was published. Due to the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza precautions, the Poultry Skillathon has been added to replace the Poultry Show this season. And Clovers have many added opportunities to participate in the Farm Fair this year. Below are the added Contest Forms:

    Exhibitor fair packets (indoor entry tags, wristbands, t-shirts, etc.) will be available for pickup at the Harford County Ag Center after Monday, July 11.

    2022 4-H Indoor Results

    2022 4-H Outdoor Results (please note these were the only results forwarded to the 4-H Office)


    Horse Activities

    4-H Sunrise Tours at Pimlico

    Save the date - Wednesday, May 17 is 4-H Day at Pimlico! Tours begin at 6:00 am. Registration information will be forthcoming.


    Meal Appeal Contest

    4-H clubs are encouraged to plan a properly balanced menu based on the MyPlate Guidelines and prepare one dish from the menu for the judges that day. Club members will demonstrate how to prepare the dish as a team incorporating 3 ingredients and a kitchen tool from the mystery list provided upon receipt of registration.

    Individuals can participate as well by giving demonstrations or presenting a nutritional poster, place setting or healthy lunch box.

    The Harford County 4-H Meal Appeal Contest will be held on Saturday, February 18, 2023 at the 4-H Camp. Clubs are awarded a reimbursement for supplies thanks to the Harford County 4-H Leaders' Association. 


    Rules                 2023 Updates               Hints                     Setting the Table                       Club Registration                   Individual Registration

    Public Speaking Contest

    Contest Date:  Friday, March 31, 2023 at the Harford County Ag Center with times TBD

    Registration Due:  March 27, 2023

    Join other 4-H'ers as they prepare to improve on a major life skill through participation in the Harford County 4-H Public Speaking Contest. The categories available to compete in are:  prepared speech, extemporaneous speech, radio spot, demonstration, visual presentation and interpretations, which are divided by age groups (Junior, Intermediate & Senior). Champion winners (including individual demonstrations given during Meal Appeal) will be invited to speak during the MD State 4-H Public Speaking event on Saturday, April 29 during Maryland Day at College Park. For contest details, including the State Contest, visit:  https://extension.umd.edu/programs/4-h-youth-development/program-areas/healthy-living

    The following options are available, but will not be eligible for the State Public Speaking event:  Juniors can choose to recite the 4-H Pledge. Clovers (youth ages 5-7) may choose to recite the 4-H Pledge, do Show & Tell or use their favorite book. The Duo Dialogue is also offered for all age groups as well.

    Both state and county contest categories & rules can be found in the link below:

     Contest Categories & Rules                 Registration         MD State 4-H Score Sheets


    Record Books

    4-H Record Book Information:

    4-H Record Book Forms:

    4-H Animal Project Records:

    Spring Weighing & Tagging

    The mandatory tagging and weigh-in for market sheep, swine and goats and commercial breeding animals will be held at the Equestrian Center (Harford County fairgrounds) May 9-10, 2023, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

    The registration form and ear tag fees are due to the 4-H Office by May 1. Please use a separate registration form for each species, this includes a separate form for commercial animals. Late registrations will be accepted when accompanied with a $20 late fee per head in addition to the $2 ear tag fee ($22 total per head).

    Please note the following information:

    • Please do not mail the 4-H Market Livestock Production Record. This is for you to keep to record your animal’s Rate of Gain.
    • The MD 4-H On-Line Animal Husbandry & Quality Assurance (AH&QA) Training site is located at:  https://ahqa.umd.edu/.
    • Your veterinarian will have the Maryland Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) forms.
    • 4-H’ers may only tag three market swine animals. You may only bring two of these animals to the Harford County Farm Fair.
    MD 4-H livestock ear tags

    The MD 4-H Livestock Registration Form does not automatically enter you into the Harford County Farm Fair. The online entry system will be activated in May.

    Steer Weighing & Tagging

    The ownership deadline for Market Beef & Dairy Steers is January 1, 2023. Animals must be registered in the individual name of the 4-H member. The mandatory tagging and weigh-in for steers will be held at the Equestrian Center (Harford County fairgrounds) from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm on Saturday, January 14 with a snow date scheduled for the following Saturday, January 21.  **All steers must have halters on and be halter-broken.

    The MD 4-H Livestock Registration Form and ear tag fees are due to the 4-H Office on or before Wednesday, January 4, 2023. Late registrations will be accepted when accompanied with an additional $20 per head late fee ($22 with ear tag fee). Packets will be mailed to those 4-H'ers with Beef or Dairy Steer projects listed in 4H Online no later than December 9.

    • Animal health forms are not required to be completed for weigh-in.
    • Forms & fees may be dropped off in the 4-H Office; drop slot located beside the front door of the Harford County Ag Center (Blue House/Grove side parking lot); or mailed to 3525 Conowingo Road, Suite 600, Street, MD 21154.
    • Checks made payable to:  Harford County EAC
    • The 4-H Market Livestock Production Record (Rate of Gain worksheet) is for you to keep at home.
    orange & green 4-H steer ear tags

    Winter Workshop

    Beat the Winter Blahs! This county-wide activity is open to all youth between the ages of 8-14. No Clover classes (youth ages 5-7) will be offered. This is a great opportunity for youth to learn more about their favorite project, develop a new skill and complete a project that you can take home and/or enter in the fair. Winter Workshop will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2023, at the Harford County Ag Center.

    You must pre-register by February 17, 2023; cost is $20 per participant which includes lunch. Offered classes, schedule and registration can be found here:

    2023 4-H Winter Workshop