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  • Commercial Agriculture - Bryan Butler

  • 4-H Youth Development - Becky Ridgeway

    Animal & Human Sciences

  • Food & Nutrition Wellness - Terry Serio

  • Nutrient Management - Kamil Rosales

  • 4-H Youth Development - Torrey Silliman

    Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources

  • Family & Consumer Sciences - Carrie Sorenson

    Financial Wellness

Support Staff

  • Business Services Spec. - Cheryl Hill

    Supports the Area Extension Director, Commercial and Home Horticulture, Family & Consumer Sciences and Food & Nutrition Wellness programs

  • Administrative Asst. II - Lori Augustine

    Supports the 4-H Youth Development program

  • Program Assistant - Home Horticulture - Sue Christensen

    Home Gardening and Landscaping questions

  • Program Assistant - 4-H Outreach - Jennie Chamelin

    Special programs and partnerships to expand the reach of Carroll County 4-H.

  • Administrative Assistant I - Ashlee Treece

    Clientele Walk-ins, Telephones and Room Scheduling